Coronation Street viewers in tears as Yasmeen opens up to Alya about Geoff’s abuse

Geoff controlled every aspect of Yasmeen's life

Coronation Street viewers were left in tears as Yasmeen opened up to her granddaughter Alya about the abuse she endured from her husband Geoff.

For the past year, Yasmeen has been controlled by Geoff. But things took a turn a few weeks ago when the radio DJ threatened to kill his wife, leading her to stab him in self defence.

Geoff was the abusive one! (Credit: ITV)

Despite Geoff’s campaign of abuse, the Speed Daal owner believes she is in the wrong and has kept quiet about the abuse.

But as Alya has been suspicious about Geoff for a while she is determined to get her gran to plead not guilty to attempted murder.

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In last night’s episode (Monday, June 8) Alya went to visit Yasmeen before the plea hearing.

As she opened up about what it’s been like being with Geoff, Yasmeen revealed that her husband killed her pet chicken Charlotte, cooked her and fed it to her.

Yasmeen told Alya about some of the things Geoff had put her through (Credit: ITV)

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She also revealed how he would put crosses around the house to check she had cleaned properly. But despite Geoff’s controlling behaviour, Yasmeen had been brainwashed to believe she is useless and it was her fault.

As Yasmeen told her granddaughter the extent of the abuse she had been suffering, Alya broke down in tears.

She wasn’t the only one as viewers were also left emotional by the scenes.

Yasmeen’s appearance in court

Afterwards, Yasmeen went to court to attend her plea hearing. As she was read the charge, Yasmeen started to hear Geoff’s vile words wringing in her ears.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger (Credit: ITV)

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But before she could say what she was pleading, the episode finished leaving it on a cliffhanger.

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