Coronation Street viewers furious as Fat Brenda quits Street Cars

Fans hold a lot of affection for her

Coronation Street viewers are furious as “Fat Brenda” quit Street Cars in last night’s episode.

Fat Brenda is an unseen character in Coronation Street who occasionally works the switch at the taxi firm.

In last night’s episode (May 13 2019), it was obvious business wasn’t great for Street Cars.

Steve began to worry when Emma revealed that rival cab company GoLucky had an app which you could book and track your cab on.

Fat Brenda Coronation Street
Fat Brenda quit Street Cars (Credit: ITV)

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Things got worse when Fat Brenda handed in her notice over the phone as she was going to join GoLucky, leaving Steve distraught.

Steve wasn’t the only one disappointed, as viewers expressed their upset that Brenda had quit.

Although Brenda has not been seen on screen, she has been mentioned many times before.

She was involved in four part spin-off Street Car Stories which revealed Brenda had a daughter named Imogen.

Imogen was involved in the last two episodes named The Switch and The Showdown.

In the third episode, The Switch, Steve oversleeps and is late relieving Brenda from her shift. But when Steve and Lloyd Mullaney arrive they find Imogen in her place as Brenda has won a skiing holiday at Bingo and has gone unannounced.

Imogen Fat Brenda's daughter Coronation Street
Imogen is Brenda’s daughter (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

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Later this week, it looks like Steve gets himself into more of a mess when he suggests using his £20k for a house deposit on an app of Street Cars instead.

Unimpressed, Tracy suggests he goes out and does some illegal pick-ups to make some extra cash.

Steve McDonald Coronation Street
Steve picks up a young lad.. but all is not what it seems (Credit: ITV)

He collects a young lad who flags him down to take him to hospital to visit his mum and offers a hefty fare.

The guy asks him to stop at a garage so he can get some flowers but all is not what it seems… Steve is desperate to escape the armed robber and pleads mercy showing him photos of Amy and Oliver.

Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm, with an extra episode on Thursday at 8.30pm on ITV.

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