Coronation Street: Viewers feel sick as Geoff thrusts his crotch to Mr Boombastic

Geoff had a strange tactic for winding up his family

Coronation Street viewers were left feeling sick as Geoff thrusted his crotch to Mr Boombastic.

Geoff’s son Tim and granddaughter Faye turned against him a few months ago after seeing a video of him abusing Yasmeen.

Ever since, Geoff has made desperate attempts to get close to his family. But when they refuse he just tries to ruin their plans.

Geoff tried to ruin Sally and Tim’s gathering. But his plan soon backfired (Credit: ITV)

Last night’s episode (Wednesday, November 4) saw Geoff’s latest attempt to sabotage one of Sally and Tim’s gatherings.

In the scenes, Sally, Tim and Faye had Debbie over and were waiting for Faye’s new boyfriend, Noah, to come over when Geoff started plotting.

As Sally, Tim, Faye and Debbie stood in the garden, Geoff came out with a stereo and started playing Mr Boombastic by Shaggy.

Geoff danced to Mr Boombastic in his garden (Credit: ITV)

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Geoff soon pulled out his dance moves which included thrusting his crotch.

Viewers quickly commented on the scenes saying they felt sick.

Coronation Street: Sally and Tim vs Geoff

After being egged on by Debbie, Tim ended up chucking a bucket of water over his dad.

Soon Debbie went over to Geoff’s telling Sally and Tim she was smoothing things over, but in reality she told Geoff that Sally had been slagging him off.

Geoff started destroying Sally and Tim’s furniture. But it only made Sally want to move away (Credit: ITV)

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But when she got back to Sally and Tim’s, Geoff had jumped the fence and began destroying the garden furniture.

After Debbie mentioned them moving away, Sally told her husband she wanted to sell the house.

What’s next for Sally and Tim?

Later this week, Sally tells Abi about her plans to sell the house and move and Abi is concerned.

When Sally tells Debbie they’ve been offered the full asking price for No.4, she urges her to take it.

Are Sally and Tim about to leave the cobbles for good?

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