Coronation Street viewers divided over who stole the Health and Safety report

Could it be Nick or Imran?

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Coronation Street viewers are divided over who stole Wayne’s Health and Safety report, with many believing prime suspect Nick Tilsley is actually innocent.

A couple of weeks ago, Wayne’s report for the factory roof collapse was stolen from his car after Imran had tried to sneak a look at it.

Following the theft, Imran was brought in for questioning, however there was no evidence it was him who took it.

Imran’s already been questioned over the missing report (Credit: ITV)

Viewers have since been left wondering who could have stolen it – and whether it means they’re responsible for the disaster that killed Imran’s sister, Rana.

Last night (Monday April 29), Toyah was trying to help out her stepsister Leanne by changing her bed sheets for her but she ended up stumbling across the report under the mattress, leading her to believe that Leanne’s boyfriend Nick had taken it.

Toyah found the report under Nick and Leanne’s bed (Credit: ITV hub)

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Considering Nick co-owns Underworld and has been a suspect in the case, Toyah was obviously left very suspicious.

When Toyah confronted Leanne she was quick to defend her boyfriend, begging her not to go to the police as well as stating that Imran could have put it there.

When Nick returned home Toyah asked about the report and he said he had no idea how it got there.

Nick claims he doesn’t know how the report got under his mattress and insists it was planted there (Credit: ITV hub)

When Leanne asked Nick where he was going he told her he was going to find out who had been in the flat and planted the report.

When Toyah said it wasn’t her or Imran, Nick said: “Are you sure about that, didn’t Imran try and steal this off Wayne?”

He then went to the police with the report in hand.

Viewers are divided over who stole the report and put it under the mattress. Some believe it was Imran.

Others think Nick did it.

Nick went to police station to see DS Beckett and said it had been planted, however, she wanted to check out his story.

When he returned he questioned why Leanne didn’t want Toyah to go to the police and accused her of thinking he was behind the roof collapse.

Nick definitely isn’t the most innocent person on the cobbles after he stole £80K of his grandmother Audrey’s money at the beginning of this year.

Coronation Street Audrey
Nick stole Audrey’s money (Credit: ITV)

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Before Christmas her old friend Archie Shuttleworth passed away leaving her £80k.

However not long after she received the money it was taken from her bank account leaving her struggling financially.

It was soon revealed that Nick took the money and when David found out he blackmailed his brother into going into business with him and opening up a hair salon.

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