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Coronation Street: Viewers disgusted as Carla cheats on Peter with his nephew Adam

Carla and Peter got into another big argument

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Coronation Street viewers were left disgusted as Carla Connor cheated on her boyfriend Peter Barlow with his nephew Adam.

Earlier this week, Carla and Peter got into a big argument. But as Peter went to work and was doing his shift as a taxi driver, a man came along and stole the cab.

A passer-by saw a hurt Peter and called the police. He also offered Peter a drink of whisky, unaware he is a recovering alcoholic and Peter accepted the drink.

Peter had a drink (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episodes (Wednesday, November 18) Carla saw Adam and Sarah seemed to be getting on better. Carla told Adam to meet Sarah at a nearby hotel at lunch time.

Later Adam and Sarah met up. However as soon as Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Gary was brought up she became agitated and left.

Meanwhile the passer-by who helped Peter, called Barry, stopped by the pub to check on him as Carla headed off to the same hotel Sarah and Adam were having lunch, in order to attend a conference.

Adam’s lunch with Sarah didn’t go to plan (Credit: ITV)

When Carla arrived she could see Adam was on his own and went to sit with him. But as Adam began flirting, she decided to leave.

Coronation Street: Abi told Carla about Peter drinking again

Meanwhile, Abi discovered Peter had started drinking again. As Carla headed home, Abi warned her Peter needed help.

When Carla got back, she and Peter got into another argument. As Carla explained to Peter she wanted to help him, he said: “You’re still a mess and you always will be. And you want to fix me? Well I don’t need fixing.

Peter struggled to resist drinking (Credit: ITV)

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“And I’ll tell you something else, now I know what you really think of me, I don’t need you.”

Upset, Carla left and went back to the hotel, where she had a room booked.

Coronation Street: Carla cheats on Peter with Adam

As Adam was still in the bar, he saw a distressed Carla and followed her back to her room to try and calm her down.

He said: “I know Peter’s my uncle and I know he’s not well, but he’s bang out of order. You’re an amazing woman Carla.”

As Carla headed into the room she said: “It’s a big bed for one” and Adam followed her inside.

But viewers were disgusted with Carla for sleeping with Adam, just hours after trying to save his and Sarah’s marriage.

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