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Sunday 5th April 2020

Coronation Street viewers convinced Gary is behind the factory roof collapse

Did he end up confessing to Sarah?

Viewers of ITV's Coronation Street are convinced that Gary Windass is behind the Underworld factory roof collapse.

Last night, loan shark Rick Neelan had Gary tied up and was preparing to take the builder's life after he realised Gary's ex-girlfriend Sarah had broken into his office and taken Gary's passport back.

Rick had already badly beaten Gary (Credit: ITV hub)

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After Rick's employee Sharon couldn't face being part of Rick's awful plan, she decided to leave and Rick told her to keep quiet.

Rick ended up being called away on business and as he left, Gary managed to knock the phone on the desk off onto the floor and call Sarah.

Annoyingly for Gary, Sarah, whose phone has gone missing, obviously didn't answer the call and it went to voicemail.

Gary left a voicemail for Sarah (Credit: ITV hub)

Gary left her a message saying: "It's me, look I've not got long. I've got myself in a mess and I'm not getting out of it, not this time. But I love you Sarah and I'm so sorry for everything that I've put you through.

So Gary caused the roof collapse and it will only be discovered when Sarah checks her messages.

"But listen don't go home okay? Rick's coming after you and you'll need to tell the police what he's done to me. And there's something else..."

Gary didn't say what the "something else" was but viewers are convinced he is the Underworld factory roof saboteur.

Others think this could be a red herring...

As Rick returned, he grabbed a golf club and went to swing but was stopped by a banging on the door.

Luckily for Gary, it was the police. Rick exited the room and Gary began to crawl towards the door.

Rana was killed when the factory roof collapsed (Credit: ITV)

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The Underworld factory roof collapsed back in March taking the life of Rana Habeeb on her wedding day to Kate Connor.

It was confirmed the roof had been sabotaged, but by who?

The three main suspects are Gary, Nick and Robert and we're set to find out the truth on Friday May 31.

This week Coronation Street is on Monday-Friday at 9pm.

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