Coronation Street viewers confused as Abi and Bethany ‘miss’ fire at No.5

Bethany and Abi were just across the street but didn't notice the fire until they heard Chesney

Viewers of Coronation Street were left confused on Monday night as Abi Franklin and Bethany Platt ‘missed’ the fire at No.5.

In last night’s episode of the soap (January 20), someone vandalised Chesney and Gemma’s home spraying the word “paedo” across the window before setting fire to the doormat inside the house.

Whilst that was happening, an exhausted Gemma was upstairs taking a nap with the quads and Chesney had gone to the shops.

Someone set fire to No.5 Coronation Street
Someone set fire to No.5 (Credit: ITV Hub)

Luckily Chesney came back in time and noticed the flames through the door.

He began banging on the door yelling for Gemma, which grabbed Abi’s attention across the road at the garage.

No.5 fire Chesney Coronation Street
From the garage, Abi and Bethany heard Chesney yelling for Gemma (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Spotting the fire through the door, she told Bethany to call emergency services before running to the house with a fire extinguisher.

Abi managed to put the fire out, but viewers were left questioning how neither Abi nor Bethany spotted the fire before Ches.

Gemma and the babies were all taken to hospital to be checked over and Chesney was furious with Gemma;s mum Bernie, who had recently exposed her own ex-boyfriend Kel as a paedophile on social media.

Don’t you think Abi or Bethany would have noticed that fire?

They soon figured out they had been targeted as Kel had posted a picture online outside of No.5 when he was with Bernie.

The attacker was really after Kel Coronation Street
The attacker was really after Kel (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

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Bernie and Paul, who was groomed by Kel when he was a child, were left feeling guilty about the attack.

Are Chesney and his family safe, or will they become a victim of another attack?

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