Coronation Street viewers brand Shona’s storyline ‘ridiculous’ and ‘unnecessary’ as she returns to live on the Street

Shona lost her memory after she came out of a coma

Coronation Street viewers have branded Shona’s memory loss storyline ‘ridiculous’ and ‘unnecessary’ as she returns to live on the Street.

At Christmas last year, Shona was shot and fell into a coma. But when she came around she had no idea who her husband David is.

Over the last few months, she has been living in a rehabilitation facility. However, she recently returned to the Street to live with her old friend Roy.

Coronation Street viewers in tears as David is told Shona is brain dead
Shona went into a coma (Credit: ITV)

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In this week’s episodes, Shona has been spending time with David to try and remember their time together.

However some viewers don’t seem to be impressed with the plot.

What did Coronation Street viewers say?

Speaking on a Digital Spy forum about David and Shona, a viewer wrote: “2020 is just… not good! I literally have no words for this plot. They created a huge thing when Shona could have been shot, been in a coma for a couple of months and come back fine and done a better plot. Makes no sense.”

Whilst Shona was in rehabilitation, actress Julia Goulding was on maternity leave (Credit: ITV)

A second fan said: “I love them as a couple, but I think this storyline is totally unnecessary. Julia Goulding was only off on maternity leave for four months, Shona was off-screen from mid-Jan to what would have been mid April (June because of the delay), surely we could have just not seen Shona for those weeks. We go weeks and months without seeing other characters.”

On Twitter, viewers also agreed they weren’t huge fans of the plot

However, not all fans feel the same and have said they’re enjoying it.

What happens next for Shona and David?

In tonight’s episode (Friday, June 26) Gemma and Shona get chatting.

Gemma tells Shona what a great relationship David and Shona had.

Hearing this, Shona decides to take the plunge and invites her husband over to the flat.

Shona makes a proposition to David (Credit: ITV)

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He’s pleased that she wants to see him. But when she leans in for a kiss and suggest they have sex, David is shocked. Will he accept her advances?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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