Coronation Street viewers beg soap bosses to kill off Gina in Underworld whodunnit

By far the favourite pick to be bumped off!

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Soap fans have reacted to the news a Coronation Street regular will be killed off when the Underworld factory collapses by volunteering characters they’d like to see axed!

Several Weatherfield faves have been tipped to be in the running to be bumped off when the dramatic storyline unfolds in March of next year.

Among the likely victims are factory workers Sean Tully, Izzy Armstrong, Sinead Barlow, Beth Sutherland and Kirk Sutherland.

But while Entertainment Daily! readers on Facebook also put forward several potential candidates for the chop, there was one clear top choice to be written out of the ITV series.

Gina has turned off fans by taking a shine to her brother in law Tim (Credit: ITV)

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“Make it Gina please!!!!” begged one viewer.

“Hopefully Gina,” added another.

A third commented: “Not Beth or Kirk, but should be Gina.”

And a fourth remarked: “Please let it be Sally’s sister Gina who dies. Useless character.”

Other polarising characters also found themselves on the ED! hit list – even if they don’t have much of a link to the knicker factory.

“Please let it be Tyrone’s nan or Gina or Mary’s daughter in law, I can’t stand any of them,” suggested one fan, who still included Gina in her picks.

One of the Underworld staff may be living on borrowed time (Credit: ITV)

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Another listed five Corrie stars among her preferences: “In order: Peter, Simon, Gina, Tim or Kate who is getting on my wick.”

“It is Sinead, she dies next year,” speculated a third.

However, even though other names did pop up, Gina walked away with the dubious honour of having the most number of commenters calling for her head.

Illustrating the low opinion Gina is held in by fans, yet another remarked: “I know it is a soap and it should be sad but sorry to say I hope it is Gina. I think she is only one I wouldn’t cry for, lol.”

Some fans, however, felt the upcoming storyline – believed to take a severe toll on the mental health of Underworld boss Carla Connor – sounds like it lacks originality.

One fan complained: “Factory’s just been rebuilt, now it is falling down.

“Need new scriptwriters! Bring back a bit of laughter and joy instead of doom and gloom.”

Could Sinead be killed off by a collapsing roof, rather than cancer? (Credit: ITV)

New Corrie producer Iain MacLeod insisted the emotional plot would captivate those watching – although he didn’t give any hints as to who could cark it.

He recently told journalists: “We’re knocking the factory down in a colossal stunt.

“It will at first appear to be an accident and then be revealed to be some sort of criminal enterprise that caused it all to come down.

“And somebody will be dying in that collapse. It’s a massive whodunnit which turns people against each other, and fractures the community.

“The week itself is dramatic and the death is heartbreaking and very well written – there won’t be a dry eye in the house.”

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