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Coronation Street viewers beg Sally to speak up after spotting hint she doesn’t believe Geoff

Does Sally believe Alya?

Coronation Street viewers have begged for Sally Metcalfe to speak up after spotting a hint she doesn’t believe Geoff’s story in last night’s episode (Wednesday, May 6).

For months, Yasmeen has been abused by her nasty husband Geoff. Last week, he burnt a load of Yasmeen’s clothes in their back garden, leaving Sally looking at them curiously.

In Friday’s episode (May 1), Yasmeen ended up hurting Geoff as he threatened to kill her. In self-defence she hit him over the head with a wine bottle before stabbing him in the neck.

Yasmeen defended herself from Geoff (Credit: ITV)

During last night’s episode Geoff woke up in hospital yelling at Sally and Tim: “She tried to kill me! She tried to kill me!”

After calming down, he spoke to the detectives investigating the incident. He claimed they were arguing about Yasmeen’s drinking when she attacked him. He then stated she had no reason to do so, making it sound like Yasmeen really was trying to kill him.

Geoff claimed Yasmeen tried to kill him (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Sally’s suspicions

In the episode, Alya returned from her trip to Spain and paid Geoff a visit. In front of the police, Sally and Tim, she revealed Geoff had been abusing her gran for months.

She told them Yasmeen was scared for her life and that Geoff had once locked Yasmeen in a box. Tim immediately jumped to his dad’s defence and Sally tried to calm down Alya. But does Sally believe Geoff?

Did Sally catch Geoff’s panicked face? (Credit: ITV Hub)

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After Alya wished Yasmeen had killed Geoff, she stormed out and Geoff had a panicked look on his face. But Sally caught his look and seemed concerned. Has she started to realise Geoff is lying?

Viewers noticed Sally’s look and have begged for her to raise her suspicions with someone.

Sally to save Yasmeen

Recently Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod confirmed Sally will be “pivotal” in this storyline.

He revealed Sally and Tim will have opposite views over what happened. Is she now starting to realise what Geoff is really like?

Next week Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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