Coronation Street’s Sam Aston and Dolly Rose Campbell reveal soap are using FIVE babies to play the quads

Gemma will give birth to her four babies very soon

Sam Aston and Dolly Rose Campbell have revealed Coronation Street are using five babies in order to play Gemma and Chesney’s quads.

Sam and Dolly, who play Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter in the ITV soap, appeared on Lorraine today (October 30 2019) to talk about the upcoming birth of their characters’ four babies.

Usually when soaps cast a baby, they use two babies per character, so Sam had suggested previously on This Morning that they would be working with EIGHT little ones.

Sam and Dolly appeared on Lorraine (Credit: ITV hub)

Lorraine asked them: “So you’re going to have to work with four babies?”

But Dolly told her it would actually be five.

When she asked if it was five including Joseph, Chesney’s son played by William Flanagan, Sam said: “No. There’s five. Because normally when you have one child on the show, like a baby, obviously you have a double.

“So we thought we were going to have eight but actually there’s five. There’s triplets and twins.

“The twins are a boy and a girl and the triplets are two girls and a boy.”

Lorraine then asked if it was going to be bedlam or if the babies are very well behaved.

Dolly and Sam revealed they’re working with five babies (Credit: ITV hub)

Dolly said: “It’s not as bad as I thought.”

Sam then added: “We were really panicking about it but at the minute they just kind of sleep.

“You know obviously they feed, then they whinge a little bit.”

Dolly then revealed that she didn’t have much experience with babies saying: “I have no baby skills at all. Not at all. No.”

Gemma and Chesney are having quads (Credit: ITV)

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So with Dolly thrown in at the deep end, she’s going to learn fast!

Earlier this year Gemma found out she was pregnant with Chesney’s baby not long after they broke up.

So we thought we were going to have eight but actually there’s five.

A few weeks later they were stunned when they told Gemma was carrying four babies.

Gemma goes into labour in a cable car (Credit: ITV)

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Although they were given the option of selective termination, the pair wanted to give all four babies a chance of surviving.

Tonight, Gemma goes into labour mid air as she and Chesney are in a cable car.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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