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Coronation Street: Tyrone is already getting fed up of Alina, fans claim

Tyrone broke up with Fiz to be with Alina

Coronation Street fans believe that Tyrone is fed up of being with Alina and will end up trying to go back to Fiz.

A few months ago, Tyrone began to develop feelings for Alina Pop, despite being engaged to Fiz.

Tyrone and Alina shared a kiss, however Fiz found out. While Fiz and Tyrone tried to make it work, they ended up splitting up and he moved in with Alina to the salon flat.

Recently Alina and Tyrone had a picture done for the flat and this week, Alina bought Tyrone a motorbike.

Tyrone ended up falling for Alina (Credit: ITV)

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However he was forced to confess that he failed his bike test.

While Alina seems to be happy in her new relationship, fans are starting to think that Tyrone is getting fed up and will end up trying to go back to Fiz.

Coronation Street: What’s next for Tyrone and Alina?

Later this week, Fiz sees Tyrone has a new ‘T&A’ tattoo and reckons it’s just another example of his mid-life crisis.

Tyrone is visited by a police officer who informs him that Kirsty, his ex-girlfriend and Ruby’s biological mother, has died.

He turns to Fiz and they prepare to break the news to Ruby.

Next week Tyrone is grateful to Fiz as she helps him organise Kirsty’s funeral and explain to Ruby that her birth mummy has died.

Tyrone learns Kirsty has died (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Alina masks her fears that she might be pregnant.

When she hears in the factory about Tyrone’s past with Kirsty, she’s stunned.

She confronts Tyrone, hurt that she had to find out from Sally about Kirsty’s abuse because he kept her in the dark.

When a tearful Alina blurts out that she’s pregnant, Tyrone is floored.

Reeling in shock, Tyrone heads in for his meeting at the undertakers, leaving Alina in tears.

Tyrone struggles to focus on the funeral arrangements. However Fiz assures him that he’s a great dad and is happy to sort join custody of the girls.

Fiz goes with Tyrone to the funeral (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Evelyn picks up on Alina’s nausea and realises with horror that she’s pregnant.

As Alina struggles with morning sickness, she can’t attend the funeral. Fiz tells Tyrone she’ll go with him, unaware of the reason Alina can’t go.

Later Tyrone and Fiz return from the funeral and he bottles out of telling her about Alina’s pregnancy.

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