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Coronation Street pays tribute to Manchester Arena victims: Who was Martyn Hett?

Martyn was a Coronation Street superfan

Coronation Street has paid tribute to the victims of the devastating Manchester Arena bombings on May 22, 2017.

The terrorist attack saw 22 people die and hundreds hurt during an Ariana Grande concert.

Suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was responsible for the attack that saw Manchester change forever.

Corrie superfan Martyn Hett was one of Abedi’s victims. He was just 29 when he died.

Eileen and Gail put their differences aside for once (Credit: ITV)

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How did Coronation Street recognise the anniversary of the Manchester bombings and Martyn Hett?

A scene between Gail and Eileen sees the feuding neighbours come together at the memorial bench in Victoria Garden on Coronation Street.

The women put their personal war aside to pay their respects for the fifth anniversary of the attack.

Both lay flowers in emotional scenes.

The bench has a plaque dedicating it to “Martyn and all those who lost their lives on 22nd May 2017.

“We stand together.”

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Who was Martyn Hett?

Martyn Hett was a Coronation Street superfan who tragically lost his life in the terror attack.

Corrie paid tribute to Martyn and the other victims days after the bombing in 2017 with a picture of flowers and candles in memoriam.

A message along the bottom read: “We Stand Together.”

Martyn, 29, was a huge fan of Corrie, and had won Come Dine With Me.

He had also appeared on Tattoo Fixers and was perhaps most well-known for his massive leg tattoo of show icon Deidre Barlow.

Martyn was a huge fan of Mariah Carey and had written a piece for the Manchester Evening News ahead of her MEN show in 2016.

At the time of his death Mariah posted a message on her Instagram account saying she was “devastated” to learn of his passing.

A number of Corrie stars including Kym Marsh, Antony Cotton and Jennie McAlpine all attended Martyn’s funeral.

Coronation Street honours Martyn Hett

Following the attacks Corrie announced they were paying tribute to the victims by installing a bench in their memory on set.

A statement from the ITV series about the planned dedication read: “In memory of our friend Martyn Hett and all the victims of the Manchester bombing on Monday night we will be dedicating a bench on the Coronation Street set to remember everyone affected by the atrocity.

“The dedication will be planned in the coming weeks following an outpouring of affection for 29-year-old Corrie superfan Martyn and all those who lost their lives and have been injured following the Manchester Arena bombing.

“The bench will be positioned in the new extension to the Coronation Street set which is in the early stages of construction at the programme’s Trafford site and the transcription will be as follows, ‘For Martyn and all those who lost their lives on May 22 2017. We Stand Together’.”

Martyn Hett smiles in his kitchen
Martyn was a Corrie superfan (Credit: YouTube)

What is Martyn’s Law?

Venue owners don’t have to legally listen to any advice given to them by counter terrorism specialists.

There’s also nothing in place to make sure venues know how to respond should an attack take place.

Martyn’s grieving mum, Figen Murray, began tirelessly campaigning for changes to the law in 2018.

She also studied for a degree in counter-terrorism.

Figen hopes that Martyn’s Law will make venues take more responsibility for the safety and security of the public.

Just a year after the Manchester Arena attack, Figen went to a concert in Salford, Greater Manchester and got through a security check-free, despite having a small bag with her.

She immediately began a petition for tougher security measures.

Figen Murray during interview on ITV Lorraine
Figen Murray has campaigned tirelessly since her son’s death (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Speaking to ITV news, Figen said in January 2022: “Absolutely everything I do since Martyn died is purely for the purposes to avoid other families from going through what we as a family have gone through.

“What we are asking is that actually legislation is put in place so that venues…

“…publicly accessible locations, have a duty of care towards the public and the staff to keep them safe from terrorist attacks.”

Figen’s tireless campaigning to protect the public from terror attacks has support from the government. A nationwide public consultation will be the next step.

Martyn’s Law highlights the need for protection in public spaces which are possible terrorist targets.

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Is Martyn’s Law official?

You can read Figen’s full proposal here.

In January, Home Secretary Priti Patel made a statement about Martyn’s Law and assured the public legislation will pass in 2022.

She said: “Following the tragic attack at the Manchester Arena, we have worked closely with Figen Murray, victims’ groups and partners to develop proposals to improve protective security around the country.”

She added: “We are committed to bringing forward legislation this year that will strike the right balance between public safety…

“…whilst not placing excessive burden on small businesses.”

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