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Coronation Street: The stupidest decisions ever made on the cobbles

If terrible decisions were money, this lot would be billionaires

Coronation Street isn’t always the centre of intelligence for the world.

In many, many ways it has some of the most stupid individuals in Soapland.

Here are some of the idiotic decisions made by Corrie characters.

Fiz forgiving John

Fiz Stape has got a cheek really, judging anyone for bad decisions.

The universe practically screamed at her that her husband John was a psychotic serial killer – with neon signs – and yet she ignored it.

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The man literally had an affair with a pupil (poor Rosie!), and then kidnapped her and popped her in an attic.

But that was fine for Fiz. It’s no wonder people thought she was guilty.

Katy Armstrong having a baby

We can blame John Stape for a lot of things – but the worst was his actions convincing Katy to have a baby.

Of all the silly decisions to make – getting pregnant with Chesney’s baby is up there.

She was all set to terminate before Chesney was revealed to have been kidnapped by John – and then why not become a teenage mother to celebrate.

Coronation Street Gary throws his arms in the air angrily as Rick looks smug
Gary should never have gone near Rick (Credit: ITV)

Gary getting involved with Rick

Of all the stupid, stupid decisions made on those cobbles – it’s Gary Windass who wins the stupid prize.

He’s a former soldier, he seen things, fought wars etc and has a skillset as a builder to fall back on.

So when he hit hard times of course his first thought was to go to a loan shark and get on his bad side.

And then he rolled over – and presumably forgot he was a former soldier with the ability to actually kill someone.

Though he later did kill him – after killing Rana. And she’s never getting any justice at this rate.

Ken having an affair with boat woman

It has to be said that Ken Barlow is not a moral character.

He’s a terrible father, a worse husband and quite unpleasant when all’s said and done on Corrie.

And while Deirdre was no saint (may she rest in peace now), she didn’t deserve to have her husband cheat on her with – in Blanche Hunt’s immortal words – a woman on a tugboat.

It doesn’t matter that she had Stephanie Beacham’s face – the woman lived on a canal.

Adam and Carla was not well thought out at all in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Carla bedding Adam

When not obsessed with owning a backstreet knicker factory, Carla Connor can be quite a reasonable character.

Putting aside the whole sleeping with her sort of nephew thing, she’s quite decent.

Unless there’s a man with Ken Barlow’s DNA knocking about on Corrie.

She’s been allegedly in love with Peter for years, but since then she’s also had his brother Daniel and most recently his nephew Adam.

It makes no sense – but she’s one bad producer from bedding Ken himself.

Tyrone’s affair

For many people settling down with the widow of a serial killer and her unhinged daughter who randomly tries to burn you all alive, wouldn’t be considered ‘living the dream’.

But for Tyrone it was.

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And yet the minute a formerly trafficked and enslaved eyelash curler looked in his direction, he was ready to throw it all away.

Fiz and Tyrone had been through so much, and while they were – and are – incredibly boring, they worked.

His affair made no sense – and we’re all paying the price for it.

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