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Coronation Street cast: the full 2020 line-up as soap celebrates 60th anniversary

All the characters currently in Corrie

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Who’s in the Coronation Street cast? With comings and goings it’s hard to keep up sometimes, but in full, here is the latest cast information for December 2020.

Aadi Alahan

The son of Dev Alahan and the late Sunita Alahan, Aadi has a twin sister, Asha.

Adam Hussain now plays him, but up until last year Zennon Ditchett was the actor.

Growing up fast, he’s started to butt heads with both his father and sister.

Abi Franklin

Abi Franklin – Sally Carmen (Credit: ITV)

Reformed drug addict Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) joined the Coronation Street cast in 2017 and is the mother of Seb Franklin, and twins who she gave up for adoption.

After a stint in prison, Abi appeared to be in a good place but, after an accident at the garage, she risked addiction again.

She has found love with Kevin Webster and has become a popular resident of the Street.

Alina Pop

Beautiful Romanian Alina (played by Ruxandra Porojnicu) first appeared in Corrie in the spring of 2019. She was at the centre of a trafficking plot, but her character has become much more.

She now lives on the Street with Emma and has a will-they-won’t-they connection with ex, Seb.

Working at the factory, she looks set to stick around.

Adam Barlow

Adam Barlow – Sam Robertson (Credit: ITV)

Sam Robertson plays smouldering Adam Barlow, the son of Susan Barlow and Mike Baldwin.

He was born off-screen in 1988 and appeared on the show several times until returning full-time to the Coronation Street cast in 2016.

Adam’s a solicitor who has a devious streak and a way with the ladies, although he appears to have calmed his ways after falling for and marrying Sarah Platt.

That’s aside from bedding his uncle Peter’s girlfriend Carla, of course!

Alex Warner

Liam Bairstow plays nephew of Cathy Matthews, Alex. He is the first actor with Down’s Syndrome to appear on the show.

Quick-witted Alex works in Roy’s Rolls and has bonded with Roy. He’s quite the fan favourite too – although we’ve seen little of him of late.

Alya Nazir

Alya Nazir – Sair Khan (Credit: ITV)

Sair Khan plays strong-willed Alya, who has a head for business and is determined to go places.

She first arrived in Weatherfield in 2014 and inherited the factory from former business partner Aidan Connor.

Alya eventually handed back control to Carla Connor, and now runs Speed Daal.

She has been an amazing support to grandmother Yasmeen throughout her coercive abuse ordeal with Geoff.

Amy Barlow

Daughter of Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow, Amy is a chip off Tracy’s block.

Sharp-tongued and devious, Amy knows how to work her parents to her advantage.

Elle Mulvaney has played Amy since 2004. In more recent years she has suffered a miscarriage, met and bonded with a long-lost sister, Emma, and suffered the pain of losing little brother Oliver.

Asha Alahan

Sister of Aadi, Asha is Dev and Sunita’s other child.

Tanisha Gorey plays the teen and took centre stage this year as a victim of online sex shaming.

Audrey Roberts

Coronation Street SPOILER: Dementia fears for Audrey Roberts
Audrey Roberts – Sue Nicholls (Credit: ITV)

Gail’s mum, Audrey Roberts, played by Sue Nicholls, first appeared in 1982 and became a regular character in 1985.

Her beloved husband Alf died following a stroke in 1999, and she has since remained largely single.

She owned and ran the Street salon for years, but former employee Maria Connor took over and works with stylist Emma Chambers.

Audrey’s last dalliance with romance was with bounder Lewis Archer but she found him dead on their bedroom floor.

Beth Tinker

Aunty of Sinead Tinker, mother of Craig Tinker, and partner of Kirk Sutherland, Beth (Lisa George) arrived on the cobbles in 2011.

She works in the factory and is never afraid of a scam or two – she married Kirk despite already having a husband!

Despite her mouthiness, she can be sensitive and took the death of Sinead to cancer very badly.

Billy Mayhew

Vicar Billy Mayhew, played by Daniel Brocklebank, joined the Coronation Street cast in 2014 as Sean Tully’s love interest.

Unfortunately for Sean, Billy fell for Todd Grimshaw and the pair split up, but Todd and Billy didn’t work out either.

On Christmas Day 2017 Billy fell off a cliff after an altercation with Peter Barlow and spent a long time recovering after becoming addicted to painkillers.

He’s in a good place now, with new love Paul and his adoptive daughter Summer Spellman back in Weatherfield.

Brian Packham

Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) first arrived in Weatherfield in 2010, and left in 2013, but was brought back in 2015 for a more permanent stint.

He’s more of an extra at the moment alongside Cathy Matthews.

Carla Connor

Carla Connor – Alison King (Credit: ITV)

Factory boss Carla Connor (Alison King) first came to join the Coronation Street cast-+ in 2006 and, despite leaving for a while, she returned for good in 2017.

She is close to Roy Cropper, and discovered her long-lost dad was Johnny Connor back in 2015.

Carla struggled with psychosis as a result of the factory roof collapse a couple of years ago.

She and Peter have been in a pretty good place this year but this recently changed as Peter fell off the wagon and learned she’d had a one-night stand.

Cathy Matthews

Cathy arrived as a new love interest for Roy Cropper after the death of his wife Hayley. It was too soon for Roy however and they split up.

Cathy – played by Melanie Hill – has since entered into a relationship with Brian Packham and they seem very content and well-suited.

Chesney Brown

Chesney Brown – Sam Aston (Credit: ITV)

Loveable Chesney Brown first arrived as a nine-year-old in 2003 and actor Sam Aston has stuck around ever since.

He’s the brother of Fiz Stape and best mate of Kirk Sutherland and dad to young Joseph and quad babies.

Ches works in the kebab shop, is constantly broke and tired, but seems settled with partner Gemma.

Craig Tinker

Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) arrived with mum, Beth, and pet rat, Darryl, in 2011.

He was a rock to friend Bethany Platt during the fallout from the grooming storyline and the pair even tried dating for a while.

Craig received a diagnosis for OCD a couple of years ago after he became obsessed with flicking switches, tapping and turning nobs repeatedly.

He is currently a police man and dating Faye Windass.

Daniel Osbourne

Daniel, the son of Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne, was born in 1995.

He left the show when Denise took him away from Ken following her affair, but returned in 2016 played by Rob Mallard.

Daniel pushed his father Ken down the stairs in 2017’s big whodunnit, and has battled his anger issues.

After marrying Sinead Tinker, and becoming a dad to baby Bertie, he appeared to calm down.

She then tragically died and Daniel went off the rails, proposing to Bethany with his late wife’s ring.

He also paid for an escort to dress in Sinead’s clothes while they talked.

David Platt

David Platt – Jack P Shepherd (Credit: ITV)

Son of Gail Rodwell and Martin Platt, grandson of Audrey Roberts, and brother of Nick Tilsley and Sarah Platt.

He’s a dad to Lily and stepdad to Max following his marriage to Kylie Platt. Clayton Hibbs stabbed Kylie to death. His mother, Shona Ramsay, wed widower.

David (Jack P Shepherd) faced deep trauma after Josh Tucker raped him earlier in 2018.

He’s a lot more settled now, although Shona is a challenge after almost becoming a different person after suffering a brain injury.

Debbie Webster

After years away, Kev’s sister came back a successful businesswoman and gave him some inheritance she’d received.

Immediately popular with viewers, Debbie seemed a good egg.

But now she has been back on the scene for longer, she’s revealed herself to be a scheming money grabber who is secretly in cahoots with dodgy businessman Ray Crosby.

Dev Alahan

Corner shop and kebab shop owner Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) started on Corrie in 1999.

He’s been quite the ladies’ man during his time in Weatherfield, but he doesn’t always know how to treat the opposite sex properly.

Currently single, Dev’s most recent lover, Gina Seddon, was just a bit too much for him as he struggled to cope with her bipolar disorder.

Now his biggest worry is his twins.

Eileen Grimshaw

Eileen Grimshaw – Sue Cleaver (Credit: ITV)

Unlucky-in-love Eileen Grimshaw – played by Sue Cleaver – moved to Weatherfield with her sons Jason and Todd in 2000. The boys have both left, but Eileen remains and takes in many a waif and stray.

Her last marriage was to evil Pat Phelan and the less said about that, the better!

She’s lost her pal Liz McDonald this year as she’s moved away, but Prodigal Son has returned to cause her more heartache.

Emily Bishop

Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire) is one of the longest-serving Coronation Street cast members, after appearing on screen for the first time in 1961.

She took a sabbatical from the show in 2016 and although no return date has been announced, Emily is still considered a cast member on the show.

Indeed she made a little comeback on video as she wished Ken a happy 80th online.

Emma Brooker

Hair stylist Emma (Alexandra Mardell) has quickly become adored by the Street residents.

They didn’t last as he was just using her to prove his masculinity after his rape, but Emma stuck around and fell for Chesney Brown. He then decided he’d be a better fit with Gemma.

Emma then moved on with Seb, but he wasn’t over his ex Alina. There’s a pattern forming here.

She discovered Steve McDonald is her real dad and has been embraced by the family, proving herself a rock for Steve as son Oliver got ill.

Evelyn Plummer

Evelyn in Vera's earrings
Evelyn Plummer – Maureen Lipman (Credit: ITV)

Maureen Lipman joined the Coronation Street cast as Evelyn Plummer in 2018.

Sharp-tongued Evelyn is the long-lost grandmother of Tyrone Dobbs, and despite her nasty demeanour, she’s managed to charm him into letting her live with him.

And, now she’s let her guard down, there’s a definite soft centre. She’s still at her best with the sharp one-liners though.

Faye Windass

Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) is Anna Windass’s adoptive daughter who arrived in 2011. She had a daughter of her own, Miley, when she was just 12 years old, but Miley now lives with her birth father and is rarely mentioned.

Faye is currently working for evil businessman Ray who manipulated her into bed.

Fiz Brown

Fiz (played by Jennie McAlpine) is the partner of Tyrone Dobbs and mother to Hope Stape and stepdaughter Ruby Dobbs.

She worked in the factory for years but now works at Gary’s ‘antique’ furniture shop.

Gail Rodwell

Gail Potter/Tilsley/Platt/Hillman/McIntyre/Rodwell (Helen Worth) must hold the record for the most disastrous soap marriages, with all but one of her husbands now dead.

Currently single, Gail has children Nick Tilsley, Sarah Platt, and David Platt, and grandchildren, Max, Lily, Bethany, and Harry.

Her kids’ constant scrapes keep her busy and heartbroken.

Gary Windass

Gary Windass came to the Street in 2008 with his family, but he’s now the only one remaining, except adoptive sister, Faye.

The builder used to shack up with Sarah Platt, but in 2017 he had a one-night stand with Nicola Rubenstein and fathered a son, Zach, with her.

He’s also dad to Jake with former partner Izzy Armstrong.

Gary, now married to Maria Connor as was, has become something of a criminal, having killed loan shark Rick and buried him in the woods. A secret that looks set to emerge…

Gemma Winter

Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) was an old friend of Kylie Platt when she turned up to cause trouble.

But she’s since turned over a new leaf, befriended Rita, and made a home for herself on the Street.

She worked in the kebab shop for a while and fell in love with Chesney Brown, with whom she shares four babies.

Geoff Metcalfe

Tim Metcalfe’s dad, Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) was first introduced as a love interest for Audrey Roberts.

But he went on to marry neighbour Yasmeen, before systematically breaking her through coercive control abuse.

She snapped and stabbed him and viewers  are about to discover if she will be sent down or acquitted.

Imran Habeeb

Eye-candy Imran (Charlie de Melo) joined Corrie in 2017 and is the late Rana Habeeb’s brother.

He’s a lawyer who works with Adam Barlow, and found himself caught between sisters Leanne and Toyah Battersby.

He’s now settled on Toyah and they are trying to adopt a child together.

Izzy Armstrong

Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston) was heralded as the soap’s first regular disabled character when she arrived in 2010.

She works in the factory, is mum to Jake, and is the only remaining member of the Armstrong family. Oh, and we don’t see much of her!

Jack Webster

Kevin’s son with the late Molly Dobbs was born in 2010. He’s been played by Kyran Bowes since 2016.

Jack’s biggest storyline to date came in 2018 when he battled sepsis and had to have his leg amputated.

Jenny Connor

Jenny Bradley – Sally Ann Matthews (Credit: ITV)

Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) arrived in Weatherfield in 1986 as the foster daughter of Rita Tanner.

She left, then returned in 2015 as Kevin Webster’s new girlfriend. They split up when Jenny had a breakdown and kidnapped his son, Jack, after revealing the death of her own young son.

She got help and returned before marrying Johnny Connor and taking over as landlady of the Rovers Return in 2018.

Johnny Connor

Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) is the father of Kate Connor and Carla Connor and the late Aidan Connor.

He’s married to Jenny Bradley and together they run the Rovers Return, but Johnny’s affair with Liz McDonald threatened to tear them apart for a while.

They have faced a rocky time again recently, with Johnny getting mixed up with a criminal from his youth.

Johnny suffers from MS.

Ken Barlow

Ken’s the longest serving cast member (Credit: ITV)

Played by William Roache, who is the longest-serving member of the Coronation Street cast, Ken Barlow was in the first episode when it aired on December 9, 1960.

Appearing as the educated son of a working class family, Ken is moralistic and politically minded, although he has often been referred to as boring. Boring or not, he’s bagged himself three wives over the years, plus a long-term relationship with Denise Osbourne.

He’s currently single and juggling the never-ending crises of his kids. Peter is about to go off the rails again so he’ll have his hands full well into 2021.

Kevin Webster

Mechanic Kevin Webster runs the local garage. He’s been married to Sally Metcalfe on and off over the years (currently off) and has two kids with her – Rosie and Sophie Webster.

Kevin had an affair with Molly Dobbs and their son Jack was born in 2010.

Kev’s last relationship is with Abi and, aside from a few hiccups, they seem pretty strong at the moment.

Kirk Sutherland

Adorable Kirk is the brother of Maria Connor and partner of Beth Tinker.

He arrived in 2000 and works in the factory as a packer.

Andy Whyment has played him for 18 years.

Leanne Battersby

Leanne Battersby – Jane Danson (Credit: ITV)

Leanne Battersby, played by Jane Danson, first came to Corrie in 1997. She left in 2000, but returned for good in 2004.

She’s since been married to both Peter Barlow and Nick Tilsley and has an adopted son, Simon Barlow, plus a biological son with Steve McDonald, Oliver.

Little Oliver has just died from Mitochondrial disease and Leanne is of course in a terrible state of mind.

Liz McDonald

Barmaid Liz McDonald, played by Beverley Callard, joined the Coronation Street cast in 1989 and has been there on and off ever since.

Mum to Steve and Andy and the late Katie, she was married to Jim for donkey’s years, but is currently single.

The Rovers Return is her spiritual home and although she no longer owns it, the pub runs in her blood and she’ll never be far away.

Liz is currently off the scene, having vanished off screen to Spain, but is expected to return so Beverley Callard can play out her swan song in a more befitting manner.

Maria Connor

Maria Connor – Samia Longchambon (Credit: ITV)

Actress Samia Longchambon joined the show as Maria Connor in 2000. She married Liam Connor, but he died leaving her a widow and single mother to their son, Liam Junior.

Maria has had many ill-fated romances since then. She is currently married to Gary Windass but don’t hold your breath for a happy ending.

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor became Mary Cole when she married Norris in a fake wedding for a competition, but she’s always harboured secret feelings for Norris.

Played by Patti Clare since 2008, Mary has a son, Jude Appleton, who she gave birth to after being raped in her teens. They were close for a while but he betrayed her.

She works in the florist and has a strange friendship with Tracy Barlow.

Nick Tilsley

Nick Tilsley – Ben Price (Credit: ITV)

The character of Nick Tilsley has had many faces since he was born in 1980, but he’s currently played by Ben Price.

After some time away following several failed relationships with Carla Connor and Leanne Battersby, Nick returned in October 2018 to be by Leanne’s bedside as she recovered from a car crash.

The pair rekindled things yet again, but Leanne has split with him following the death of Oliver.

However, these two always come back together so there’s hope.

Norris Cole

Norris is currently off screen as actor Malcolm Hebden scaled back after a heart attack.

The local busybody, Norris is currently shacked up in a swanky retirement village with Emily’s niece, Freda.

Paul Foreman

Gemma’s twin brother Paul (Peter Ash) was David Platt’s cellmate in prison, before pitching up on the Street in January 2019.

He was at the centre of a harrowing historic child sex abuse storyline, which led

Paula Martin

Sally’s schoolfriend, who was her solicitor for the fraud trial, set her sights on Sal’s daughter Sophie before breaking her heart.

With Sophie no longer in Weatherfield, Paula only pops up when there are legal issues – she’s been involved with Yasmeen’s attempted murder case.

Peter Barlow

Peter Barlow – Chris Gascoyne (Credit: ITV)

Born in 1965 to Ken and Valerie Barlow, Peter Barlow, played by Chris Gascoyne, is the ultimate lovable rogue.

He’s been a bigamist, marrying both Lucy Richards and Shelley Unwin at the same time, an alcoholic, a dad to Simon, a legal husband to Leanne Battersby and Carla Connor, and a partner to Toyah Battersby.

Peter has turned back to the bottle in recent weeks, struggling with Carla cheating. And when he finds out it was with his nephew Adam, just wait for the almighty crash as he falls off the wagon.

Ray Crosby

The latest baddie on the Street, sharp-suited professional Manc Ray now owns the Bistro, as well as a string of hotels.

He is plotting with Debbie to bulldoze the houses on Coronation Street and develop on the land.

Even worse, he groomed teen Faye Windass and manipulated her into bed.

Rita Tanner

Rita (Barbara Knox) runs The Kabin on Coronation Street. She joined the soap in 1964 and she’s been married four times.

Currently single, Rita’s closest allies on the cobbles are former foster daughter Jenny Bradley and Gemma Winter.

In 2017, it looked like Rita might die when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, but fortunately she had surgery and is back to fighting fit.

Rosie Webster

Rosie Webster – Helen Flanagan (Credit: ITV)

Currently not on screen as actress Helen Flanagan is on maternity leave, Rosie is the first born daughter of Sally Metcalfe and Kevin Webster.

She entered the world on Christmas Eve 1990 and is the prodigal daughter, despite not being the sharpest tool in the box.

Jon Snape kidnapped her, she had a goth phase, and left to work as a model in London and LA. Currently, she’s off hosting a TV show in Japan.

Roy Cropper

Roy Cropper (David Neilson) runs Roy’s Rolls and has been in the Coronation Street cast since 1995.

He married to the soap’s first transgender character, Hayley Cropper, who sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2014.

His closest current relationship is with Carla Connor, who he regards as a daughter. Niece Nina has moved in with him, and their relationship is developing nicely.

Ryan Connor

The son of Michelle Connor, Ryan came back to Weatherfield in the form of new actor Ryan Prescott, for Michelle’s wedding in 2018.

He was always causing trouble, including a drugs entanglement a couple of years ago.

Since started a relationship with Alya, he has matured a lot.

Sally Metcalfe

Sally Metcalfe found guilty

Sally (Sally Dynevor) joined the soap in 1986 and married Kevin Webster. They had two children, Rosie and Sophie, and have split up and got back together more times than seems normal.

Social climber Sal’s currently married to Tim Metcalfe, but things have been tricky with his awful dad Geoff.

Sarah Platt

Middle child, Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O’Brien) was born in 1987 to Gail and Brian Tilsley, but was later adopted by Martin Platt.

She’s the sister of Nick Tilsley and David Platt and became mum to Bethany Platt when she was just 13-years-old.

Sarah has another son, Harry Platt, who was the product of a relationship with evil drug-dealer Callum.

After a turbulent relationship with Gary Windass, she married to Adam Barlow.

Sean Tully

Sean Tully – played by Antony Cotton – joined Corrie in 2003 and has been unlucky-in-love ever since.

He works in the Rovers and found himself homeless after a series of unfortunate events left him with nothing a couple of years ago.

Fortunately old flame Billy Mayhew stepped in to offer a helping hand and Sean slowly got  back on his feet again.

Son Dylan is back on the scene – Sean just needs a decent new man now!

Seb Franklin

Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) joined the Coronation Street cast on screen in 2016. He was the bad boy boyfriend of Faye Windass, but Seb also revealed a troubled home life.

He’s the son of Abi Franklin and spent many years trying to get her clean.

He currently lives with his exes Emma and Alina.

Shona Ramsey

Shona Ramsey – Julia Goulding (Credit: ITV)

When Shona Ramsey arrived in 2016 it was clear she was hiding something big. She got closer to David Platt, and revealed  she was the mother of Clayton Hibbs, Kylie’s killer.

Shona (Julia Goulding) finally revealed the truth to David and he eventually got over it and the two are in a relationship. They struggled in 2018 though, in the aftermath of his rape.

And then she landed up in a coma after a shooting. A brain injury has left her character very different, but she and David have found fresh happiness together.

Simon Barlow

Young Simon Barlow, the son of Peter Barlow and Lucy Richards, didn’t have the best start in life due to his father’s bigamy and his mother dying of cancer when he was only little.

Alex Bain has played Simon since 2008 and has tackled storylines such as being violent with his adoptive mum, Leanne, and joining a gang.

But he has matured and is now trying to support his grieving mum.

Sophie Webster

Kevin Webster’s second daughter with Sally Metcalfe, Sophie, played by Brooke Vincent, came into the world in 1994.

She was the soap’s first lesbian character when she came out in 2010 and embarked on a relationship with her best mate Sian.

Despite her mother’s obvious preference for her sister, Rosie, Sophie has stood by Sal’s side through thick and thin, most  tirelessly working to get her out of prison. a couple of years ago.

She is currently travelling.

Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald – Simon Gregson (Credit: ITV)

Simon Gregson has played Steve McDonald since 1989. He’s the twin brother of Andy and the son of Liz and Jim McDonald.

He’s married seven times – twice to the same women. His married Tracy Barlow in October 2018.

He has three children – Amy with Tracy, Oliver – who has recently died – with Leanne and Emma with ex Fiona. His baby with Michelle, Ruairi, died at birth at 23 weeks.

Steve owns Streetcars after being forced to sell the Rovers Return when he cheated on wife Michelle and they got divorced.

He looks set to spiral into a new episode of depression as he grieves for his son.

Summer Spellman

Summer Spellman is the adoptive daughter of Billy Mayhew and she arrived in 2017.

Billy fought a tough battle to get her after her deeply religious grandparents wanted her to stay with them.

Fortunately, Billy won Summer’s heart – and the legal rights to raise her, and she even stood by him when he descended into drug addiction earlier in 2018.

Summer left the Coronation Street cast for a while and is now back living with Billy and her new ‘dad’ Paul.

Tim Metcalfe

Sally Metcalfe’s husband Tim (Joe Duttine) owns half of Street Cars. He’s been in the show since 2013 when his biological daughter, Faye Windass, tracked him down.

Tim has experienced tough times, with Geoff claiming Yasmeen tried to kill him. He has also met his ‘dead’ mum Eileen.

Todd Grimshaw

Todd has recently returned to Weatherfield after some years away. He ran away after hitting a policeman and came back in similarly dramatic fashion after a brush with a dealer.

Now he’s back he’s wormed his way into a job at the factory and is trying to break up ex Billy and new love Paul.

Most notably, a new actor Gareth Pierce is playing him now, after Bruno Langley lost his job.

Toyah Battersby

Toyah Battersby arrived in 1997 alongside sister Leanne. She left in 2003, but returned in 2016 as the girlfriend of Peter Barlow.

Up until 2018, Toyah ran the Rovers with Peter, but she lied about her adoptive baby – she was really Eva Price’s baby. Peter was his hands of her.

She’s now with Imran and they are planning to adopt a baby.

Tracy Barlow

Coronation Street's Tracy Barlow horrified as she discovers she killed again
Tracy Barlow – Kate Ford (Credit: ITV)

Troublemaker Tracy (Kate Ford) was born to Deirdre and Ray Langton in 1977, but Deirdre’s second husband Ken Barlow adopted her.

She’s been in prison for murder and has spent most of her time on the cobbles wrecking Steve McDonald’s many marriages.

But she’s finally got her man and she and Steve married in 2018. They live with their daughter Amy and spend a lot of time bickering.

Tracy has revealed her better side, supporting Steve through Oliver’s illness.

Tyrone Dobbs

Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) joined the Coronation Street cast in 1998 and started work as an apprentice at Kevin’s car garage after losing his job collecting trolleys at Curly Watts’ supermarket.

Ty lived with Jack and Vera Duckworth who became like parents to him.

He’s the partner of Fiz Stape and the dad of Ruby Dobbs, whose mother, Kirsty Soames was physically abusive to Tyrone throughout their relationship.

Grandmother Evelyn’s arrival has completed their dysfunctional but loving family.

Yasmeen Nazir

Yasmeen (Shelley King) made her first appearance on the cobbles in 2014. She came in as the mother of Kal Nazir and grandmother of Alya and Zeedan.

Only Yasmeen and Alya remain in the show from the Nazir family.

She will soon learn whether she’ll go to prison for attacking husband Geoff.

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