Coronation Street: Sue Devaney reveals Debbie Webster’s past with Ray Crosby

Debbie and Ray have know each other for a while

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Coronation Street star Sue Devaney has revealed Debbie Webster’s past with businessman, Ray Crosby.

Over the last few weeks it’s become clear Ray has plans to buy all the properties on the cobbles to make way for a new development.

However in tonight’s episodes (Monday, November 2) it was revealed who has been working with him.

After becoming suspicious of Debbie, Abi confronted her in front of Kevin about her job.

Debbie learnt Ray blackmailed Kevin (Credit: ITV)

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Debbie broke down in tears revealing she lost all her money and was living off a friend. But it was later revealed she has been working with Ray and it appears the two have a past together.

After speaking to Abi, Debbie learnt about Ray’s past with his employees and that he blackmailed Kevin into selling him the garage.

As a furious Debbie went into Ray’s office, she said: “To think I almost got back with you” revealing she and Ray have history.

Coronation Street: Debbie and Ray

Speaking about how Debbie knows Ray, actress Sue Devaney told Entertainment Daily and other media: “Well they use to go out together a long time ago and I think Ray really hurt her.

Ray and Debbie use to go out (Credit: ITV)

“And I think as well, Debbie’s at a certain age now, like me, she’s in her fifties, she’s got more life behind her than in front of her. So you know when you look at your life at a certain age and you think ‘oh’.

“Well she’s never been married, never had any kids. She’s always been into her business and yet years have passed by and she’s always gone for the bad guy. She’s always fancied the rough and ready bloke, which has been Ray obviously. And I think Ray really hurt her in the past, so she kind of threw herself into her work then.

Debbie wasn’t happy when she learnt Ray blackmailed her brother (Credit: ITV)

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“But I think she’s also go a soft spot for him and she doesn’t know how letchy Ray is because when she knew him, he was just a womaniser and you know, promised her the world and was also promising another 10 women at the same time.

“So I don’t actually think Debbie knows who she’s got involved with this time around as well.”

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