Coronation Street Emma Brooker looks confused as Curtis looks worred

Coronation Street star Sam Retford reveals the real reason Curtis lied about his heart condition

It's been revealed there is nothing wrong with him

Coronation Street exposed Curtis Delamere‘s big secret tonight: he’s not really dying.

In fact, according to his doctors, his heart is in “A-1” condition and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him at all.

Curtis’s fiancé, Emma Brooker, is completely clueless that her husband-to-be is lying to her. But why is he doing it?

Curtis’s secret is finally out (Credit: ITV)

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Why is Curtis lying about his heart condition in Coronation Street?

Actor Sam Retford, who plays Curtis, told ED! and other media at a recent press event: “It comes from a place of neglect and forming inauthentic relationships with people in his childhood.

“His preconceived notion with what it is to feel loved is built on really unstable foundations.”

He went on to explain it all stems from things that happened when Curtis was younger.

“It comes from a need to manipulate situations so he gets that feeling. He’s just lonely. There’s quite a lot that happened to him when he was younger and he saw a light and found it was easy to tap into people’s empathy towards him, and why wouldn’t you?

“If we all had a button we could press and it means that people love you of course we’d sit there pressing it all day long because it’s a nice thing to have people care for you.

“When you don’t have that as a kid, you chase it and he’s pretty lost.”

Sam added that what Curtis is doing is not malicious: “He’s human. There’s traits of him in all of us.”

Neville turned up on the cobbles (Credit: ITV)

How was Curtis’s secret exposed?

Curtis had an appointment with the specialist in Wednesday’s Coronation Street (December 1) and it was clear something was up as he went to great lengths to persuade Emma not to go with him.

He left her in the waiting room and went in to see the consultant who proceeded to tell him there was nothing they could do for him.

Curtis argued, but the specialist cut him off and said there was nothing they could do for him because he’s in perfect health.

Although Curtis showed him a scar on his chest, the doctor revealed it was from an operation to cure a small hole in the heart when Curtis was a baby. He told Curtis he needed psychological help, but Curtis stormed out.

The waiter told Emma his condition was serious, but could be managed and thought he’d put her off the scent.

But back on the cobbles, he was shocked by the arrival of his dad, Neville, who he had told Emma was dead.

As Curtis scrambled to cover up his lies and insisted to his fiancé Neville was his stepdad, it became clear Neville knew exactly what Curtis was doing and that he has a history of lying about his health.

Although Neville went along with the lies, he begged his son: “Tell her the truth, and she might understand. She might be able to help you. We can all help you, if you let us.”

Curtis seemed moved, but ultimately told his father: “Goodbye, Dad.”

So Emma remains in the dark – for now, however it surely can’t be long before she finds out the truth…

Coronation Street Dec 6 Curtis and Emma talk in the market
Curtis does love Emma – or so Sam claims (Credit: ITV)

Does he love Emma for real?

Sam explained Curtis’s feelings for Emma are not a lie.

“He’s got far too deep,” he said.

“She taught him so much about himself, but just a bit too late.”

The actor revealed Curtis has done this before with other girls and then he would leave once the risk became too high.

“But with Emma it’s different,” Sam added. “He found someone where it was worth it.

“This is the only chance he’s going to get to be his authentic self, and she taught him who that was, so it’s definitely an authentic adoration.”

Will Emma ever be able to forgive Curtis? (Credit: ITV)

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What happens next for Curtis and Emma in Coronation Street?

Oblivious Emma offers to speak to Curtis’s estranged mum on Friday, December 3. She wants to get his family to the wedding.

Emma tells him she’s sure if she explains how ill Curtis is his mum will definitely come, but Curtis snaps and tells her to stay out of it.

With their wedding soon, how much longer can Curtis keep up his lies? Will he take his dad’s advice and come clean and get the help he clearly needs? And will Emma ever forgive him when she finds out the truth?

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