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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Zeedan killed as his father-in-law turns up in Weatherfield?

He’s made a dangerous enemy

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week show Zeedan’s life in danger as his violent father-in-law turns up.

Ever since he arrived back in Weatherfield, it’s been obvious that Zeedan has made an enemy out of his wife Mariam’s dad.

Zeedan heart stops when he arrives at Speed Daal to discover Hashim in deep conversation with clueless grandma Yasmeen.

Is he about to pay the ultimate prize for double-crossing his in-laws?

Coronation Street spoilers: Zeedan’s big gamble

Coronation Street spoilers Zeedan in trouble
Zeedan is terrified of his violent in-laws (Credit: ITV)

Days after he arrived home, Zeedan took a beating from his furious brothers-in-law.

It was a clear message that Hashim wasn’t going to let him get away with cheating on Mariam and breaking her heart.

But questions remain over the £50k he put into Speed Daal after Alya was scammed.

Zeedan has sworn the cash was the profits of successful investments, but viewers are highly sceptical of his story.

What misery has he bought to Weatherfield and the struggling Nazirs?

Dead serious

Hashmin and Zeedan
Hashim has got sinister plans for Zeedan (Credit: ITV)

Zeedan is busy trying to make a success of his life now he’s back in Weatherfield.

He’s undoubtedly working overtime trying to improve Speed Daal’s profits to get some ready money back into his account.

When Hashim shows up, Zeedan’s just gone head-to-head in a battle for customers with Debbie Webster and learnt some hard lessons.

The last thing he needs is his father-in-law waiting for him.

But Hashim hasn’t come all this way for a discount curry, and he pulls Zeedan aside to lay down the law.

What does Hashim want from Zeedan, and what will he do if he doesn’t get it?

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