Coronation Street SPOILERS: Yasmeen finds an unlikely ally in Sally Metcalfe?

Alya is determined to sow doubt in Sally's mind

Coronation Street is lining up an arrest for Yasmeen Nazir in next week’s episodes, but could Sally Metcalfe save her?

Yasmeen snaps later this week and finally fights back against abusive husband Geoff.

But as she hits him with a wine bottle and slices his neck, he ends up lifeless on the floor.

Yasmeen fights back in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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Yasmeen calls the police on herself and hands herself in, confessing: “I think I’ve killed my husband.”

Yasmeen charged

Carted off to the police station for questioning while the police search her house and interrogate the locals, Yasmeen feels scared and alone – but she might not be for much longer.

Scared Yasmeen is questioned (Credit: ITV)

Granddaughter Alya soon returns from Spain and finding out how serious the situation is, heads straight to the station to prove Yasmeen is innocent.

Alya’s boyfriend Ryan has sent lawyer Imran to defend Yasmeen, but given the abused wife has already confessed, there’s little he can do.

With Geoff in hospital, Alya wants answers and goes to confront him there – but the police aren’t impressed.

Alya’s outburst makes things worse

Sair Khan, who plays Alya, explained to Digital Spy: “She wants Sally and Tim to know about Geoff’s various lies and deceits and how he’s rinsed her family business.

“She’s full of rage, but her outburst doesn’t impress DS Abney, who seems to be treating Geoff as the victim.

“Alya’s led away by the police, but manages to catch Sally alone and begs her to realise that this is so out of character for Yasmeen. She plants a seed of doubt in Sally’s mind about who Geoff really is.”

Alya’s outburst doesn’t impress police (Credit: ITV)

Alya then goes on to proclaim Yasmeen’s innocence in the Rovers Return, and lays into all Yasmeen’s so-called friends for not noticing what was going on under their noses.

Sair revealed that Yasmeen is ultimately refused bail, and that hits the family hard.

But it only serves to drive Alya on even further to make sure the truth comes out.

Sally to be an ally for Yasmeen in Coronation Street?

“Alya will stop at nothing to make sure the residents of Coronation Street find out what Geoff is really like,” Sair said.

“Her first plan is to find allies and she may just have found one in Sally.”

Sally has overheard in Coronation Street and might just prove an ally for Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

Will Sally be the key to bringing down evil Geoff?

And what consequences will it have for her marriage to Geoff’s son Tim, who is firmly on his dad’s side?

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