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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Tracy cheats on Steve

But who does she spend a night of passion with?

There’s scandal heading to Coronation Street this New Year when Tracy Barlow gets drunk and cheats on husband Steve… but which cobbles favourite does she spend a night of passion with? 

As New Year approaches, Steve is desperate to get out of taking Tracy to a gig and lies to her that Tim Metcalfe is ill and so he is needed to work at the cab office.

Tracy is upset when Steve lies that he has to work in a bid to get out of going out with her on New Year’s Eve (Credit: ITV)

But of course Steve’s lies are soon unwittingly revealed by Sally when she reveals to Tracy that Tim’s not ill at all, leaving Tracy furious. 

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As she calls in to see Steve at work and reveals that she knows he lied to get out on their date night, he is mortified and realises how much he has upset his wife as she storms out of the cab offices, heartbroken. 

Heartbroken Tracy is shocked when she wakes the next morning and she is naked in a random bed (Credit: ITV)

With her New Year plans in the gutter, Tracy drowns her sorrows at the Rovers, devastated that Steve didn’t want to spend time with her. 

But it seems one thing soon leads to another because the following morning, Tracy wakes to find herself naked in someone else’s bed… 

A hungover Tracy is horrified to realise that she has cheated on Steve and makes a hasty exit before doing the walk of shame home. 

Amy works out her mum has done the dirty when she comes home with someone else’s coat (Credit: ITV)

But while no one sees her on her way back to the Street Cars flat, Amy is quickly suspicious of her mum when she notices a designer jacket on the back of a chair. 

Tracy panics when Amy points out the jacket and she realises in horror that she must have picked up the wrong coat in her earlier hasty exit… 

Before Amy can get to the bottom of what has happened Steve arrives home with a new kitten for the family, but Amy storms out, disgusted at her mum. 

Amy recognises the coat and works out who Tracy spent the night with (Credit: ITV)

Tracy follows her daughter and soon the pair are fighting in the street about Tracy cheating on Steve… but it doesn’t take long for Amy to work out who her mum spent the night with and all hell breaks loose. 

Disgusted at her mum, Amy tells her that she is moving in with Emma and that if she doesn’t tell Steve the real reason she is moving out, then she will. 

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Steve is upset that Amy has left home and gets Emma to quiz her sister about her hasty decision to leave the family home.

Amy talks to Emma after moving out of Steve and Tracy’s house (Credit: ITV)

But soon Emma is shocked at the response she gets from Amy and quickly passes the news onto Steve. 

As Steve confronts Tracy it seems her secret might be out. Does Steve know she has cheated? And who did Tracy have a night of passion with? 

Coronation Street’s hour-long special airs at 8pm on ITV on New Year’s Day. 

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