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13 Coronation Street spoilers including wedding drama, health crisis, and shock arrest

Things aren't looking good for Abi

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Abi is getting desperate to prove Imran is setting her up. But will she go too far and mess it all up herself?

Meanwhile, there’s heartbreaking news for Faye that changes her entire future – will Craig stand by her?

And, Aggie is in trouble at work, but will the cobbles nurse win in the end?

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Worried Toyah Battersby is kidnapped on her wedding day by manic Abi Webster
Abi wants to get through to Toyah (Credit: ITV)

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1. Abi kidnaps Toyah

Abi is fuming to find out Imran has hired Ben to find dirt on her.

She targets Toyah, who is about to leave for her wedding, and jumps in the driver’s seat of the wedding car.

Abi kidnaps a shocked Toyah and drives off, trying to persuade her to cancel the wedding. What will Toyah do?

Toyah is clearly unsure… (Credit: ITV)

2. Will Toyah marry Imran?

Abi eventually drops Toyah off at the hotel, but as she enters the venue it’s clear she’s having doubts.

The ceremony goes ahead with Nick, Leanne, Kelly and Adam in attendance. The party then carries on at the Rovers.

But has Toyah done the right thing?

3. Imran torn

Imran corners Abi in the street and tells her she’s an unfit mother.

But he’s torn when Kelly approaches him and begs him not to take another of Abi’s kids away.

What will Imran do?

Coronation Street Abi is not happy when Dean approaches wanting drugs
Has Abi made a huge mistake? (Credit: ITV)

4. Abi messes up

Abi is thrilled when Elliot says his fees have been paid by a mystery benefactor and he will represent her in court.

However, when Dean comes knocking and wants to score drugs, Abi knows she’s in a difficult position.

Desperate to get rid of him, she gives him some cash, but their exchange is caught on camera by Ben…

5. Will Imran destroy Abi?

Ben shows Imran the photos.

He says he’ll lie in court about what he’s seen.

Will Imran accept Ben’s offer?

More Coronation Street spoilers

Coronation Street Craig is stunned as Faye tells him she's in early menopause
Faye’s news stuns Craig (Credit: ITV)

6. Faye gets devastating news

Faye is given the heartbreaking news she is suffering an early menopause.

She’s upset to learn she’ll never be able to have any more children.

Faye breaks the news to a stunned Craig, who confides in his mum. But tactless Beth tells her boy to dump Faye.

When Craig reveals his mum’s response to Faye, will he take her advice?

Coronation Street Stu looks worried as he's arrested
Has Stu done something wrong? (Credit: ITV)

7. Stu and Ken arrested

Stu asks Ken to give him a lift to the wholesalers, but once there an officer accuses Stu of an attempted break-in.

Ken is assumed to be the getaway driver and they are taken to the police station.

Stu is eventually allowed to leave, but the officer comments he’s had a lucky escape considering his track record. What is Stu hiding?

Yasmeen Nazir is not impressed when Stu Carpenter serenades her
Stu’s song is not a hit (Credit: ITV)

8. Yasmeen kicks Stu out

Disappointed Yasmeen tells Stu he needs to find somewhere else to stay that night.

He tries to make amends the next day by serenading her in the restaurant.

But Yasmeen is not impressed and orders him to leave.

Coronation Street David and Shona sit by Max's bedside as he recovers in hospital
Max is okay, but his future is unclear (Credit: ITV)

9. Max given shock news

The surgeon assures David and Shona Max’s operation went well.

Max admits he was running away as he didn’t want to go to prison.

But he’s got other concerns too when David breaks the news he’s been expelled from school.

Coronation Street Mr Thorne points his finger at Aggie as she looks
Is Aggie in for a nightmare? (Credit: ITV)

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10. Aggie in trouble in Coronation Street spoilers

Mr Thorne gives Aggie a verbal warning when he feels she’s trying to make him look incompetent in front of his patient, Peter Barlow.

But she later overhears Mr Thorne bragging to a colleague he rushed Peter’s operation to win a bet.

Compelled Aggie reports him. When all of Mr Thorne’s operations are then cancelled, he tells her he’s going to make her life a misery.

Coronation Street George confesses to Eileen in the Rovers
Eileen is stunned by George’s confession (Credit: ITV)

11. George breaks bad news to Eileen

Making multiple mistakes at work, including mixing up two clients’ ashes, George is berated by Todd.

Todd tells him he has to speak to Eileen.

George finally admits he’s been staying awake all night so he doesn’t subject her to his snoring.

But how will Eileen react?

Abi Webster sobs at Seb's vigil as Asha and Nina watch on
Abi has lost so much (Credit: ITV)

12. Remembering Seb

It’s a year since Seb died and the day of his vigil arrives.

Abi is torn apart, sobbing.

Asha and Nina support her.

Kirk Sutherland is taking his new responsibilities too far and Sarah Barlow is annoyed
Will Kirk be knocked down a peg or two? (Credit: ITV)

13. Kirk drives everyone mad

Kirk buys a new air horn for the factory.

He tells annoyed Carla and Sarah he plans to blow the horn every time they make a sale.

Will they regret making him Extra Office Administrator?

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