Coronation Street SPOILERS: Toyah and Imran’s relationship in trouble as Kelly is arrested for Nina and Seb’s attack?

Kelly slapped Nina last week

Coronation Street star Charlie De Melo has hinted there could be trouble for Toyah and Imran’s relationship as more details about Kelly’s involvement in Seb and Nina’s attack come to light.

Last week Nina and Seb were attacked by Corey Brent, Kelly Neelan and their friends. Seb later died after failing the brain stem tests.

In tonight’s scenes (Monday, May 10) the police call at the builder’s yard flat. They soon arrest Imran and Toyah’s foster daughter Kelly.

Seb died last week (Credit: ITV)

Toyah is stunned. She fearfully watches as the police gather up Kelly’s belongings for examination.

Meanwhile Kelly is being interviewed by police and is terrified. She refuses to answer any questions and soon returns home with Imran.

Toyah is relieved to see her home, but Imran warns Kelly she’s not out of the woods.

Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly’s mum Laura returns

Imran warns Kelly she isn’t out of the woods (Credit: ITV)

Later in the week, the couple are shocked when Kelly’s mum Laura turns up. She tells Kelly to say nothing to the police.

Having taken a call from the police, Imran tells Kelly they want to ask her some further questions.

Kelly Coronation Street
Kelly refuses to answer questions (Credit: ITV)

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But Laura is having none of it and insists she calls the shots as Kelly is her daughter. But when Kelly learns the only reason Laura returned is because her boyfriend threw her out, Laura backs down.

Later, Laura calls in to see Imran and Toyah. She tell the couple that once Kelly has been released she will be coming back to live with her.

Toyah and Imran’s relationship in trouble?

Charlie De Melo, who plays Imran, has revealed Toyah and Imran are divided when it comes to Kelly.

When asked what goes through Imran and Toyah’s minds when Kelly is hauled into the the police station, Charlie said: “Initially they’re kind of a united front and they want to unquestionably be there to support her and do whatever they can.

Kelly slapped Nina (Credit: ITV)

“But as details of the attack become more and more apparent, as more and more evidence gets dug up, and more and more testimony is heard, the seriousness of it starts to cause a kind of fracture between Imran and Toyah.

The seriousness of it starts to cause a kind of fracture between Imran and Toyah.

“Imran stands by the fact that they’ve made a promise to this girl that they would be there, they would care, they would support regardless.”

Toyah struggles to support Kelly?

He continued: “Toyah’s stance on it is a bit more protecting like, ‘we may have signed up for those things, but we didn’t sign up for this. To be supportive of a child is one thing, but to be supportive of a violent person goes beyond the call of duty we’ve signed up to.’

Toyah and Imran started fostering Kelly a few weeks ago (Credit: ITV)

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“Imran’s a little more unblinking. And despite his own reservations, it’s a case of well, this is what he agreed to do, this is what he has to do.”

He added: “He’s a bit more rigid, and Toyah’s a little more reticent about the whole thing, and that causes a little bit of a fracture between them.”

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