Coronation Street SPOILERS: Toyah and Imran foster a baby on Christmas Day

Toyah and Imran have been waiting to foster a child!

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Toyah and Imran become foster parents on Christmas Day.

Leading up to Christmas, Toyah and Imran get a call from social services asking them if they can foster a baby for the day.

They’re thrown into excitement and panic in equal measure.

As Toyah excitedly babbles about the baby, Nick comes around the corner with Sam, having just agreed to look after him whilst Natasha moves to London.

Toyah is excited to be fostering a baby (Credit: ITV)

But seeing them all, Leanne makes excuses and scuttles away hiding her upset.

After a sleepless night with baby Mason, Toyah and Imran share a smile, happy but slightly out of their depth.

Hearing about their fostering, Gemma calls in at the builder’s yard flat and gives the couple some parenting tips. Toyah soon realises that they’ve got a lot to learn.

Toyah and Imran have baby Mason on Christmas Day (Credit: ITV)

But in amongst all the chaos with a new baby, Toyah tries to message Leanne. But Leanne ignores her sister’s messages and hides away in her flat, consumed with grief.

Coronation Street: Georgia Taylor talks about Imran and Toyah

Speaking about what it means to Toyah to finally have a baby placed with them, Georgia Taylor told Entertainment Daily and other media: “It means everything, this is something that she’s wanted you know for most of her adult life.

“Obviously when I came back into the show show four years ago, Kate Oates and I worked on the backstory that she had been trying for a child with her husband at the time, Toby and had we think six or seven rounds of IVF, which obviously is a huge commitment: emotional, financial, physical, all of that.

Toyah has wanted a baby for a long time (Credit: ITV)

“So she came in and that was her aim in life.  And we’ve seen things haven’t worked out for her in that she’s biologically not able to carry a child.

“So this has been a different avenue for her to explore and for her to be able to show that kind of maternal side and put her energy into looking after a child that needs it.”

Coronation Street airs on Christmas Eve at 7.45pm and Christmas Day at 7pm on ITV.

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