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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Wednesday, November 24 2021

Nina is worried about Roy

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveals Roy plans to leave Weatherfield.

Meanwhile Imran meets up with Laura and Faye returns to work.

All this and more in tonight’s Coronation Street.

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy leaves Weatherfield?

Will Roy go? (Credit: ITV)

When Roy asserts that he no longer wants to burden her with his own pain and guilt, Nina’s troubled.

When Sally suggests they discuss ideas for the Christmas Market, Roy asserts that he won’t be getting involved.

Roy calls at the garage and asks Abi to sell the Woody for him as soon as possible.

When Abi reveals that Roy is selling the Woody, Nina is more worried than ever.

Nina finds out from Adam that Roy has signed over his entire estate to her with immediate effect, she’s shocked.

Nina tells Abi that she’s frightened Roy is going to take his own life. Roy reveals that he plans to leave Weathefield for good tonight.

Roy explains that he’s taking a job as a chef in South America.

Nina summons Carla, Cathy, Brian and Fiz Chesney and Mary to the cafe and one by one, they describe how much he means to them.

Carla plays Roy a voice message Nina left him, implying Roy got dragged into something against his better judgement.

Roy refuses to be drawn and Carla heads out, hurt.

Roy tells Nina that the fact he’s now lying to Carla proves leaving is the right thing to do. Can she stop him from going?

Coronation Street spoilers: Imran meets with Laura

Kelly is offered drugs (Credit: ITV)

Worried for Kelly’s safety, Imran tells Toyah he’s going to track Laura down. Imran dupes Laura into meeting at the Bistro.

Laura tells Imran she hasn’t seen Kelly in ages.

Meanwhile Kelly beds down in a doorway and a drug dealer offers her some free spice. She refuses and heads off terrified and alone.

Faye starts back at the Bistro

At the Bistro, Faye struggles, but will she find a new job? (Credit: ITV)

Faye starts working back at the Bistro, but she’s a bag of nerves and drops a tray of food.

Faye tells Debbie she can’t work at the Bistro as it brings back terrible memories.

When Tim suggests Faye could take over Alina’s job at the factory, Sarah agrees and offers her a month’s trial.

Later in Speed Daal Sally, Tim, Gary and Craig raise a toast to Faye and her freedom.

Sam gets help

Sam in Coronation Street after his mum's funeral
Sam starts his first session with the psychologist (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Nick, Leanne and Sam return from their first session with the psychologist.

Sally has a suggestion for Maria

Sally suggests they join forces and offers Maria the role of mascot in her election campaign (Credit: ITV)

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Sally calls Maria and Mary together for a meeting about the Christmas market.

When Maria reveals that a local councillor has resigned, Mary points out that she and Sally will be locking horns sooner than expected.

When Sally suggests they join forces and offers Maria the role of mascot in her election campaign, Maria is suitably unimpressed.

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