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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Monday, November 22 2021

Roy grows concerned

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal Roy signs everything over to Nina.

Meanwhile Faye returns home and Billy is worried after spotting Kelly at the soup kitchen.

All this and more in tonight’s Coronation Street.

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy puts his flat and business in Nina’s name

Roy is questioned again (Credit: ITV)

DS Abney called at No.13 and reveals that the gun used to kill Natasha was the same gun used by Tez in a raid several years ago.

Abi and Tez meet up in Victoria Garden and she begs him to keep the police off her back. However Roy is concerned when he clocks their exchange.

Soon Nick comes into the cafe and tells Roy that the police are in the process of tracing the gun that was used to kill Natasha.

Meanwhile Kevin meets up with Tez in the ginnel and begs him not to ruin Abi’s life.

Roy advises Abi to tell the truth about the gun.

DS Abney calls in at the cafe and tells Roy she has more questions for him about the night of the sinkhole collapse.

Roy tells Abi he’s had to like to the police again on her behalf.

Abi tells Kevin it’s only a matter of time before the police link the gun to her.

Roy tells Nina that if the gun Harvey used to kill Natasha was the same one Abi was going to use to kill Corey and that as a result, they must both accept responsibility for Natasha’s death.

DS Abney calls back at No.13 and tells Abi and Kevin that Tez has been arrested but he can’t remember who he sold the gun to.

Roy calls at the solicitors and tells Imran that he wants to sign his flat and business over to Nina as he no longer needs them.

Coronation Street spoilers: Max wants to make things right

Can Max make things right? (Credit: ITV)

Max heads off to school only to run into Asha, Summer and Aadi, all of whom give him a hard time about his video.

David’s anger towards his son is further fuelled when he finds out from Daniel that Max didn’t turn up to school again.

David orders Max to apologise to everyone he’s upset with his video.

When Max refuses, David grabs his laptop and accidentally drops it.

Later in Victoria Garden, Max confides in Daniel how he wishes he could put things right.

Can he make amends?

Faye returns home

After months in prison, Faye is back (Credit: ITV)

Faye returns home from prison to find Craig has decorated the house in yellow ribbons.

Pointing out she’s only on bail, Faye heads upstairs upset.

Later Faye comes back downstairs and apologies to Craig for overreacting.

Tim and Gary assure Craig that Faye cares about him and just needs time to adjust to being back home.

Billy finds out Kelly is homeless?

Billy spots Kelly (Credit: ITV)

Stu and Kelly make their way to the soup kitchen, but when Kelly spots Billy serving the soup, she quickly turns around and walks away.

However Billy catches a glimpse of her.

Kelly soon confessed to Stu her part in Seb’s attack, but insists she never hurt him.

Later Billy sees Imran and mentions how he saw Kelly at the soup kitchen and thought he should know.

Nick grows increasingly worried about Sam

Can George help Sam? (Credit: ITV)

George calls at the flat with an old telescope for Sam. Sam looks pleased until he spots the smashed memory jar on the side.

George sets up the telescope on the balcony for Sam and Nick frets over the memory note he ready where Sam said he wished his last words to his mum had been different.

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