Coronation Street spoilers Maria and Fiz

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Monday, August 23 2021

Maria is horrified as her son struggles to breathe

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal Maria is panicked when Liam struggles to breathe.

Meanwhile Emma is suspicious about Tyrone and Fiz, and Imran is shocked when his ex-wife turns up with news.

All this and more in tonight’s Coronation Street.

Coronation Street spoilers: Liam struggles to breathe

Liam collapses (Credit: ITV)

Gary returns from Bristol and is told by Maria that Imran can’t afford the experts he needs to try and clear Kelly’s name.

Gary says he wants to handover the cash anonymously, however a shocked Maria makes it clear she’ll walk away if he puts Kelly before her and Liam.

Meanwhile Liam and Jack play football in the street and Sally collars and indifferent Maria about the parking campaign.

Suddenly Liam starts gasping unable to breathe. The ambulance arrives for Liam, but is unable to turn onto the street due to double parked cars. Maria is beside herself as her son fights for breath.

Ronnie moves his car to let the ambulance through as a paramedic gives Liam oxygen.

At the hospital, Liam is diagnosed with asthma.

Maria is shocked to learn from the doctor that air pollution caused by traffic fumes is a common cause of the condition.

Liam is upset to learn he’ll need to use inhalers.

A fraught Maria takes her worries out on Gary. She decides that Underworld’s van is responsible for the large share of local air pollution and Maria insists that Sarah takes it off the road.

Sarah refuses but is left shocked by Maria’s reaction.

Emma is suspicious

Emma is suspicious (Credit: ITV)

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Tyrone is guilt-ridden about his feelings for Fiz and the pair are awkward around each other as they meet the youth justice officer.

Emma sees Tyrone and Fiz in discussion and is suspicious,

Unsure of how much Emma has overheard, Tyrone blathers an explanation that he and Fiz were discussing childcare.

Later Tyrone gives Alina the expensive ring she wanted leaving her thrilled.

However Emma tries to work out if he’s genuine or if the gesture is purely for her benefit.

Imran’s ex arrives

Imran is shocked to see Sabeen (Credit: ITV)

Adam is surprised when Imran’s ex-wife Sabeen calls into the office wanting to see Imran.

Imran is gobsmacked when Adam tells him that Sabeen is waiting for him in the Bistro.

Imran finds Sabeen waiting in the Bistro and is keen to pick her brains about Kelly’s case.

He is shocked when Sabeen tells him that she is a barrister on Corey’s large defence team and he doesn’t stand a chance of securing Kelly’s acquittal.

Michael has doubts about him and Grace

Grace is disappointed (Credit: ITV)

Ed shows Grace details of a house that he and Aggie bought at auction with the intention of renovating it and renting it out.

When Grace mentions wanting to set up home with Michael and Glory, Ed offers to help with advice and finance. Meanwhile Michael fakes enthusiasm.

Grace is disappointed by Michael’s obvious resistance to them moving into their own home.

She reveals she’s been offered a job in Hull and is tempted to take it.

Eager to keep Grace and Glory nearby, Michael suggests holding off on a house until his babygrow business is established. Grace offers to work with him, but is this what Michael wants?

Daisy tries to matchmake

Daisy tries to convince Ronnie to ask out Jenny (Credit: ITV)

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Jenny makes catty remarks after hearing Ronnie had lunch with Debbie.

Later Daisy tells Jenny she’s fooling no one and clearly still likes Ronnie. Daisy urges Ronnie to make a move on Jenny before she’s snapped up by someone else.

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