Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Teen dies after shock attack?

Amy collapses outside of a club

Meanwhile Sarah is upset when Adam cancels their Valentine’s plans and Sally grows increasingly upset with Elaine.

All this and more in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street.

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy in danger

Coronation Street 14 Feb Amy becomes woozy and collapses as Jacob yells at Asha to call an ambulance
Amy becomes woozy and collapses (Credit: ITV)

Jacob approaches Amy, Asha and Summer and suggests they go clubbing in town after the Valentine’s dance.

At the dance, Daniel heads over to chat to Amy and her mates. However when he realises they’re drunk, he orders them to leave.

Amy, Asha, Summer and Aadi meet up with Jacob outside a club.

Inside the club, Amy becomes increasingly woozy. Suddenly she collapses and Jacob yells at Asha to call an ambulance.

Asha calls an ambulance while Jacob puts Amy in the recovery position. In the hospital, Steve and Tracy stare in shock at Amy’s seemingly lifeless body.

Asha and Aadi approach Steve in hospital. He asserts that if Jacob is responsible for Amy’s condition, he’ll make sure hers is the last life he ever destroys.

Jacob reckons someone has spiked Amy’s drink before she even got to the club.

Steve tells Asha and Aadi that Amy’s blood shows she’s taken GHB.

Steve is convinced Jacob is the one who spiked Amy’s drink. But Jacob tells Steve that he and Amy are together.

Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy and Daniel reunite on Valentine’s

Coronation Street Feb 14 Daisy leans in for a kiss and Daniel responds
Daisy and Daniel have a romantic evening (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile in the Rovers back room, Daisy leans in for a kiss and Daniel responds. Blowing out the candles they head upstairs.

Adam and Sarah’s Valentine’s Day ruined

Coronation Street Feb 14 Lydia opens sexy lingerie in the factory and makes out to Sarah they're from an ex
Lydia opens sexy lingerie in the factory and makes out to Sarah they’re from an ex (Credit: ITV)

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In the factory, Lydia opens a gift bag and pulls out the set of sexy lingerie, making out it’s from her ex and she’s confused by his mixed messages.

Soon Adam calls Sarah and cancels their Valentine’s date, leaving Sarah fuming.

Adam leads his client through to the hotel restaurant. Meanwhile Sarah parks herself with Peter and Carla in the Rovers and moans about her ruined Valentine’s Day.

Ches furious with Bernie

Coronation Street Feb 14 Bernie give Chesney and Gemma a voucher for Speed Daal
Bernie offers Ches and Gemma a voucher for Speed Daal (Credit: ITV)

When Bernie offers Ches and Gemma a voucher for Speed Daal, Gemma is thrilled.

When Yasmeen reveals the voucher isn’t valid on Valentine’s Day, Chesney is furious.

Gemma reveals that all the reward money was returned and Dev gave the anonymous donation to a homeless charity.

Sally grows upset with Elaine

Coronation Street 16 Feb Elaine is doing a course in heart health and checks Tim's pulse before checking her coursework
Sally is furious (Credit: ITV)

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At No.4, Sally suggests to Tim that they have a naughty game of landlords and tenants.

When Elaine points out that Tim needs to relax and any sex is out of the question, Sally is furious.

Later Elaine reveals she’s signed up for a course on heart health, Sally despairs.

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