Coronation Street Kelly looking nervous and Max in hospital

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Kelly makes shock plea to Imran

Meanwhile, there's bad news for Max

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Coronation Street spoilers for tonight (May 4) reveal that Imran is in a quandary over how low he’ll go in the battle for baby Alfie.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Aggie makes a shocking discovery regarding one of her neighbours.

All this and more in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street.

Coronation Street Abi is not happy when Dean approaches wanting drugs
Abi tells Dean to sling his hook – but it’s too late as the damage is done (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly begs Imran to let Abi keep Alfie

Kelly gets involved with the battle for baby Alfie, as she makes a plea to Imran.

After Kelly discovers from Abi that Imran has hired someone to dig up dirt on her, she tries to talk to her foster dad about the situation.

Abi helped Kelly was she as in trouble, so the young girl feels she has to do something when Abi reveals what’s going on.

Kelly begs Imran not to take Alfie away.

However, it seems Imran is pressing on with his plan.

When Abi’s old druggie mate Dean arrives in the street, she gives him some money in return for him steering clear of her.

However, sneaky Ben takes pics of the money being exchanged, and tells Imran they could say in court that this was Abi buying drugs.

With Kelly’s words ringing in his ears, will Imran agree to play dirty?

Coronation Street Mr Thorne points his finger at Aggie as she looks
What will Aggie do? (Credit: ITV)

Aggie’s shock discovery

Peter comes in for a follow up consultation with Mr Thorne.

However, the surgeon ends up angry with Aggie, claiming that she undermined him during the meeting.

He issues her with a verbal warning, leaving Aggie upset.

Later, she overhears Mr Thorne gloating to a colleague about the fact he rushed Peter’s operation to win a bet over how quickly he could carry it out.

What will Aggie do with this information?

Yasmeen isn’t dancing to Stu’s tune (Credit: ITV)

Stu serenades Yasmeen

After the mix-up over the food order, Stu is in the doghouse with Yasmeen.

He stays the night with Ken, but is determined to make it up with her.

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He comes up with a plan, and serenades Yasmeen with a song at the restaurant.

However, Yasmeen isn’t impressed and orders Stu to leave.

Is it all over for this pair?

Coronation Street Craig is stunned as Faye tells him she's in early menopause
Can Craig assure Faye about his feelings? (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Craig and Faye face the future

Craig and Faye have a heart-to-heart over her diagnosis.

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Beth has told Craig that he should dump Faye because she can’t have kids.

But how will Faye rect when Craig reveals what she said?

Coronation Street Max
David breaks the news to Max (Credit: ITV)

More bad news for Max

Max is in hospital recovering from his injuries.

David pays him a visit, and he has some news.

David has to tell his son that he’s expelled from school after everything that’s happened.

Will this send Max even further off the rails?

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