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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Horror for Chesney as Joseph goes missing

Joseph goes missing

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal Chesney is horrified when Joseph goes missing.

Meanwhile Zeedan wonders if it’s time ton tell Marrium the truth and Aadi urges Amy to sort things out with Summer.

All this and more in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street.

Coronation Street spoilers: Joseph goes missing

Chesney quizzes Joseph about the bullies (Credit: ITV)

Chesney quizzes Joseph about the bullies at school and offers to speak to his teacher.

However Joseph gets upset, adamant it will make things worse.

When Chesney goes behind Joseph’s back and talks to Joseph’s teacher, he’s furious for breaking his promise and reporting the bullies.

Chesney feels awful and heads out to the backyard to apologise to Joseph, only to discover he’s missing.

After a fruitless search, Chesney heads home and reveals Joseph’s run off.

Gemma calls the police, worried.

Soon Chesney and Gemma report Joseph missing to the police.

As the officer leaves, Chesney fears for his son’s safety and scours the streets for him.

When Gemma comes out of No.5 and reveals the police have found Joseph’s jumper, Chesney feels sick.

When Hope wonders what’s going on, Fiz explains her cousin has gone missing.

Will Zeedan tell Marrium the truth?

Zeedan tells Alya that it’s time he told Marrium the truth (Credit: ITV)

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Marrium finds out that Yasmeen has disowned Alya and Zeedan and demands to know what’s going on.

When Zeedan refuses to tell Marrium what’s happened, she takes offence and asserts if he can’t be honest with her then they should end things.

Zeedan tells Alya that it’s time he told Marrium the truth about the money laundering or he’ll lose her for good.

Alya warns him he’s in danger of losing his family instead. What will he do?

Amy and Summer make up

Summer returns home with a bag of junk food, but she’s startled when Amy arrives (Credit: ITV)

Aadi urges Amy to bury the hatchet with Summer as they use to get on so well.

Summer returns home with a bag of junk food, but she’s startled when Amy appears.

Summer quickly hides the food, hoping Amy didn’t notice it.

Having clocked the sweets, Amy tells Summer it’s up to her what she eats. A guilty Summer says they’re not for her.

However when she returns home she takes out the sweets and loads them into her school bag.

Sally gets suspicious

Sally is convinced Tim is hiding something (Credit: ITV)

When Sally suggests a dip in the hot tub, Tim makes excuses and Sally’s hurt.

Jenny lets slip that Tim bought a huge bunch of flowers earlier and Sally’s pleased.

Later Tim calls at No.3 with flowers for Aggie and thanks her for all her support.

When Tim returns home without flowers and goes straight to bed, Sally is convinced he’s hiding something.

Shona helps Brian out

Shona assures Rita she won’t let her down (Credit: ITV)

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When Brian and Cathy reveal that they’re booking a holiday, Jenny urges them to book some cover at the shop, convinced Rita won’t be able to cope on her own.

Brian explains to Rita that he and Cathy are off to Cornwall tomorrow but he’s arranged for Shona to help at the Kabin.

As Rita talks Shona through her duties, Shona assures her she won’t let her down.

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