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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Abi makes a huge mistake after giving up her son

Has Abi completely given up?

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight (Friday, March 11) reveal Abi turns to drugs after giving up on gaining custody of her son.

Meanwhile, Nicky returns and drops Daisy in it with Daniel, and Laura and Gary meet with a PI to find Rick.

All this and more in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street.

Coronation Street spoilers: Abi turns to drugs again

Coronation Street Abi is woken by two policemen knocking on the door
Abi is woken by two policemen knocking on the door (Credit: ITV)

Abi is woken by the sound of two police officers banging on the front door.

Having shown the officers out, Abi goes to score more drugs.

Will she get the wake-up call she needs to fight for her son?

Nicky finds Daniel

Coronation Street Daisy watches Daniel talk to Nicky
Daisy watches Daniel talk to Nicky (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Nicky finds Daniel at school and reveals she got fed up with Lytham and decided to return to Weatherfield. She also tells him she’s applied for a teaching assistant role at the school.

Daniel’s delighted and agrees to meet for a drink.

He introduces Nicky to Daisy, but she reveals she’s already met Daisy and she told her he’d moved down south.

Over their drink, Nicky tells Daniel she left him a voicemail but he never replied. Daniel suspects Daisy might have something to do with the missing voicemail.

Gary in trouble?

Coronation Street Laura thwarts Gary's plan to trick her
Gary sweats as the PI questions him about Rick, but will the truth come out? (Credit: ITV)

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Laura and Gary meet with the PI and Laura explains she’s trying to track down Rick.

She explains Gary was the last person to see Rick. Worried, Gary starts to sweat as the PI quizzes him about his relationship with Rick.

Michael gives up looking for Grace

Coronation Street Michael wants to track Grace down horrifying Aggie
Michael announces he’s given up the search for Grace (Credit: ITV)

When Michael announces he’s given up the search for Grace, Ed and Aggie share a look of relief.

Soon Ronnie suggests they hire the Bistro for Glory’s first birthday.

Leanne goes against Nick’s wishes

Coronation Street Roy watches as Sam beat Brian at chess
Sam continues to play chess but will Nick find out? (Credit: ITV)

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Leanne makes out Sam has an after school club, Nick’s pleased to think he’s mingling with kids his own age.

Later in the café, Leanne watches as Roy plays chess with Sam. Will Nick find out the truth?

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