Coronation Street SPOILERS: Todd’s scheming lands Summer in danger

Will Todd end up regretting his actions?

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Todd’s scheming leads to Summer getting hurt.

A few weeks ago, Paul tried to help a teenager named Will, who he believed was being abused by his stepfather. However when Paul hit, who he believed to be Will’s stepdad, he ended up being arrested.

But what Paul and Billy don’t know is Todd hired Will to ruin their lives.

Todd hired Will to mess with Paul (Credit: ITV)

In next week’s scenes a nervous Paul readies himself for his day in court. Todd makes a furtive call to Will.

Paul is given a community order, leaving him relieved. Soon Billy and Paul accept Todd’s invite for a drink.

Coronation Street: Todd’s scheming lands Summer in danger

Meanwhile under Todd’s instructions, Will forces his way into their flat. But soon Summer walks in and is horrified to find Will smashing up their stuff.

Summer finds Will smashing up their flat (Credit: ITV)

Terrified, Summer dashes out of the flat and into the path of an oncoming van.

As Billy, Paul and Todd head back to the flat, they’re horrified to find Summer lying in the road. Craig calls to investigate the burglary, Paul steels himself and reveals the culprit was Will.

Summer is run over trying to get away from Will. But will she be okay? (Credit: ITV)

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Billy is furious with Paul and reads him the riot act for bringing Will into their lives.

Paul feels terrible, meanwhile Todd meets Will in the ginnel and slips him £50. He makes him dispose of the incriminating phone and tells him he doesn’t want to see him again.

Paul and Todd split up?

Later, Billy orders Paul to clear up the mess in the flat whilst he collects Summer from the hospital.

When Paul reveals to Todd that Will was responsible for the break in, Todd pretends to be shocked.

Craig investigates the burglary. But Billy pays Will (Credit: ITV)

As Billy and Paul fuss over Summer, she senses the tension between them. However Paul does his best to play it down, aware that his relationship is hanging by a thread.

Later, Billy rows with Paul for getting involved with Will and so endangering Summer’s life. Is their relationship over?

Paul’s anger turns to despair as Billy asserts that he needs to put Summer first. Surveying the damage he’s caused, Todd feels a pang of guilt.

Will Billy and Paul split? (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Todd finds Paul alone in the Rovers.

He masks his discomfort as Paul confides in him about how it looks like he’s lost everything and only has himself to blame for letting Will into their lives.

But will Todd come clean about his part in everything?

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