Coronation Street spoilers Monday 17 May

Coronation Street spoilers today: What’s happening on Monday, 17 May 2021

Asha and Jenny are both playing dangerous games with their men

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We’re back in Weatherfield with another double visit later – here are tonight’s explosive Coronation Street spoilers!

It’s revealed Asha is playing a very dangerous game with killer boyfriend Corey, as she loyally stands by him.

Brother Aadi wonders why she has decided to defend him when everyone else is convinced he was involved in Seb’s death. 

Coronation Street spoilers Monday 17 May
Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal Asha is playing a brave but dangerous game (Credit: ITV)

Corey’s comeuppance in Coronation Street?

As her brother, who can sense something is afoot, prods harder, Asha confides that she actually despises Corey and is convinced he is guilty as sin.

The teen has contrived a plan to make him think she is a blindly devoted girlfriend in the hope he will drop his guard and let slip something that will incriminate him. 

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She is desperate to see justice done for Seb and help Nina – these Coronation Street spoilers reveal how much both she and Summer are struggling in the aftermath of  Seb’s murder.

But has Asha placed herself in danger?

Coronation Street Monday 17 May
Jenny is playing with fire as she fans the flames of romance with Ronnie (Credit: ITV)

Jenny getting jiggy with Ronnie?

Over at the Rovers, it appears that absence hasn’t made the heart grow fonder for Jenny while Johnny languishes in prison. 

In fact it seems she hasn’t given her marriage a second thought as her head has very much been turned – by newcomer and Rovers B&B guest Ronnie. 

And their obvious intimacy is not going unnoticed – Daisy clocks their sizzling chemistry as they take a little trip together. 

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Jenny couldn’t be more awkward later as Johnny calls and starts grilling her on their house guest. Does he have any reason to be suspicious?

Jenny is known for being a flirt – and Ronnie clearly has an eye for the ladies.

Would she act on the attraction between them? If she is planning to play away, her feelings could quickly change when Kat appears.

Jenny and Eddie think she’s Ronnie’s business partner but she sets them straight – Kat is his wife!

Coronation Street spoilers Monday 17 May
Natasha goes all ‘Dragon’ as she dispenses cash and doles out business advice to the Platts! (Credit: ITV)

Natasha the business guru

Elsewhere, Natasha offers to lend David the money to get the sink hole in the garden fixed and suggests Gail should set up a cleaning business.

Since when did she go all Dragons’ Den?!

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