Coronation Street SPOILERS: Tim hits Geoff

Tim finally snaps

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Tim punches his dad Geoff. But will he end up regretting his actions?

In next week’s scenes, Geoff intentionally goads Tim on the street. He tells him that even that as a child, he knew that he’d never amount to anything.

But Tim ends up falling for it. Finally having had enough, he punches his dad.

Tim punches Geoff (Credit: ITV)

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Afterwards, Geoff takes a picture of his bloodied nose. Meanwhile Imran and Alya are horrified to hear Tim hit Geoff and point out he’s no longer a credible witness.

Coronation Street: Tim goes to visit Elaine

Soon Tim takes a call from the police and they tell him they’ve found Elaine but she’s been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Tim takes a call from the police and they tell him they’ve found Elaine (Credit: ITV)

Alya realises her gran’s defence is well and truly scuppered.

Yasmeen’s a bag of nerves as the trial begins and the barrister delivers their opening statements.

Geoff takes to the witness box and immediately paints her as a violent alcoholic. Yasmeen is outraged by his lies.

Tim goes to see Elaine in the hospital and apologises for not believing she’s his mum. Tim asks her to give evidence at the trial. Will Elaine do it?

Tim implores Elaine to reconsider as she’s Yasmeen’s only real hope (Credit: ITV)

Elaine confides in Tim that she’s convinced Geoff has been spying on her at the hospital.

Meanwhile in court, Geoff plays to the jury, telling him how Yasmeen viciously lunged at him with the broken bottle.

Tim implores Elaine to reconsider as she’s Yasmeen’s only real hope.

Imran cross examines Geoff. He’s forced to admit that his first wife may not be dead after all and that Elaine may be Tim’s mother.

Yasmeen takes to the stand

In the witness box, Imran questions Yasmeen, painting Geoff as a nasty, controlling bully.

Imran shows the court the phone footage of Geoff’s abusive behaviour and Geoff starts to look uneasy.

Imran questions Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

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Yasmeen describes to the court how she’s been the victim of domestic abuse and talks them through the evening where she attacked Geoff.

The prosecution barrister tears into her, taking apart her version of events piece by piece.

Later, it’s Alya’s turn in the witness box and she endures a grilling from the prosecution barrister. Sally also takes to the witness box, but the prosecution is quick to point out Sally’s evidence is based purely on hearsay.

Afterwards, Yasmeen calls her granddaughter from prison and asserts it’s now up to the jury to decide her fate. What will they decide?

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