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Coronation Street spoilers: Tim betrays wife Sally with sex life lie

His secret could lead to trouble

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal things aren’t getting any better between Sally and Tim Metcalfe.

In fact, when Tim lies to his wife, is he about to make matters a whole lot worse?

Read on for more on what happens in Coronation Street next week…

Coronation Street Sally and Tim discuss impotence
This is a hard conversation for both Sally and Tim (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Tim’s bedroom troubles

Tim and Sally have been struggling for a while.

Their once healthy sex life has been hit following Tim’s heart operation.

As his recovery continued, the pair decided the time was right to restart things in the bedroom.

However, it turned into a bit of a flop – literally.

Not even Sally’s naughtiest role play outfit could make a difference.

This left Sally wondering if it was something that she as doing that was putting Tim off.

Coronation Street Sally and Tim
Tim bows to the pressure from Sally (Credit: ITV)

Sally takes charge!

Tim was embarrassed by what happened, but Sally persuaded him to make an appointment with Dr Gaddas.

But when Sally headed off to visit her sister, Gina, Tim cancelled the appointment.

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Next week, however, Tim feels again pressured to go to the docs – and Sally offers to go with him if he feels he needs support.

He insists he wants to go alone, and Sally’s happy to see him head off.

Tim being a bigamist was a confusing and pointless plot (Credit: ITV)
Tim bottles out on the big day (Credit: ITV)

Tim tells a big lie

Later, Kirk spots Tim loitering outside the medical centre.

Kirk chats to Tim, but he makes an excuse and does a runner.

Arriving home, Tim finds himself telling a big lie.

He pretends to Sally that he did speak to the doctor.

Tim reveals that the doctor told him that what was happening was perfectly natural after a big operation.

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Sally discover Tim’s betrayal?

Sally is pleased that Tim has finally spoken to someone about his problem.

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However, she’s disappointed about the lack of bedroom action for the foreseeable.

While she’ll cope with her frustrations for the sake of her hubby, how will she fell if she discovers that Tim has lied to her?

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