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Coronation Street spoilers: Terminal illness shock for Kelly

Kelly gets devastating news next week

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Kelly Neelan is set to be left devastated by news from her mum, Laura.

Having been pretty absent from Kelly’s life, Laura waltzes back on to the scene and reveals she’s dying.

But is she telling the truth? And what will this mean for Kelly?

Coronation Street Feb 7 Laura turns up Speed Daal and announces to Kelly, Gary and Maria she's dying
Laura arrives with difficult news for Kelly (Credit: ITV)

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Laura returns in Coronation Street spoilers

Kelly is finally feeling settled living with Gary and Maria and working at the barbers.

She’s thrilled when Stu invites her, Gary and Maria for a complimentary meal at Speed Daal.

The family unit are enjoying the food and having a good time when their peace is ruined by Laura’s arrival.

She makes a shock announcement to them all that she is dying.

Coronation Street Feb 11 Gary returns home to find Kelly packing her things.
Kelly feels like everyone is against her again (Credit: ITV)

Is Laura really dying in Coronation Street?

Kelly doesn’t believe her mother for a minute.

Laura is hurt and reveals she has stomach cancer and only months to live.

Despite Kelly’s disbelieving reaction, she soon confides in Gary she thinks her mum might not be lying.

She admits Laura looked pretty ill and could be telling the truth.

Gary reminds Kelly that Laura has been a terrible mother and Kelly owes her nothing.

Coronation Street Feb 11 Gary returns home to find Kelly packing her things.
Will Kelly leave? (Credit: ITV)

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Kelly back on drugs?

Although she’s comforted by Gary’s support, Kelly is soon slipping out of the flat unseen.

It’s clear there’s something on her mind as she stays out late.

The next day she fakes an illness so she can skip school.

When Kirk reveals to Gary he saw Kelly out late the night before, Gary and Maria immediately conclude she’s back on drugs. But what’s really going on?

Gary tackles her straight asking if she’s using again. But Kelly strongly denies it.

He returns home the next day to find her packing her things.

Where is Kelly going? Is she leaving because Gary didn’t believe her? Or is she going to be with her ailing mum in her time of need?

Is Laura really dying? And will that push Kelly back to the drugs if she isn’t on them already?

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