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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Summer Spellman at risk from eating disorder after drama with Daniel Osbourne

The fallout from last week's shock showdown at the Ice Ball takes it's toll on teenager Summer...

Coronation Street spoilers for upcoming episodes show Summer Spellman could develop an eating disorder.

Over the past few weeks, student Summer has started to become more and more body conscious.

She has been desperate to impress her teacher Daniel Osbourne after developing a now not-so-secret crush on him.

Plus, it doesn’t help that Summer’s friends love scrolling through pictures of ‘beach body ready’ celebrities on social media.

In the aftermath of the shock turn of events at her high school’s Ice Ball, Summer’s unhealthy relationship with food continues to take a turn for the worse…

Coronation Street spoilers: Max and Daniel

Summer is horrified when Max makes a shock accusation against teacher Daniel on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Last week on the ITV soap, bad lad Max Turner jumped to the conclusion there was something inappropriate going on between Summer and Daniel.

Max discovered a love poem while snooping through Summer’s school bag.

He was convinced Daniel penned the poem for Summer.

Things took a terrible turn after the commotion at the Ice Ball and innocent Daniel found himself in BIG trouble!

Summer attempted to set the record straight.

But she feels terrible after being humiliated in front of the whole school by vengeful Max.

And now it looks like her friendship with Daniel could be history too…

Coronation Street Dec 13 Daniel reveals he can't talk to her when Summer tries to apologise
Daniel can’t talk to Summer (Credit: ITV)

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Upcoming spoilers reveal Summer tries to apologise to Daniel for landing him in trouble with the police.

Unfortunately, however, the damage is done.

Summer is left reeling when Daniel reveals he is not allowed to talk to her after being suspected of unprofessional conduct.

As Daniel goes out of his way to avoid Summer at school, she soon discovers the nightmare is not over.

Someone has scrawled the word ‘paedo’ across the classroom board.

This could all seriously put Daniel’s job on the line…

Coronation Street Dec 13 Billy and Paul take Summer to the Bistro
Summer hates herself after eating a burger, but will it her upset turn into something more serious? (Credit: ITV)

Summer’s eating disorder

Summer feels totally down-in-the-dumps and looking at photos of Daisy doesn’t help.

The teenager compares herself to the Rovers’ barmaid and it makes her feel frumpy.

Summer’s guardian Billy attempts to cheer her up and so he takes her out to eat at the Bistro.

But Billy is unaware that Summer is immediately overcome with guilt after eating a burger.

With all the drama with Daniel weighing heavily on her mind, will fragile Summer’s already unhealthy relationship with food go from bad to worse?

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