Coronation Street spoilers: Summer Spellman and Todd Grimshaw to reunite

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Summer and Todd reunite

How will she feel about seeing him again?

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal Summer and Todd reunite. But how will she feel about seeing him again?

Three years ago, Todd ran away with Summer, fearful her grandmother Geraldine would take her away. But after the police caught up to them, Todd ended up assaulting a police officer and fled, leaving Summer behind.

The teenager hasn’t seen Todd since.

In next week’s scenes Michael sets off going door to door in the hopes he can flog his new cosmetic range.

Later, Sean throws a makeup party at Speed Daal for Todd, Tyrone, Fiz, Alina and Gemma. Tyrone purchases some products for Fiz and Sean is happy to have made his first sale.

Todd is cynical about Sean’s new business venture (Credit: ITV)

But Todd is cynical and likens it to pyramid selling, convinced it will all end in tears.

Todd causes problems for Paul

After a night working on the helpline, Paul can barely keep his eyes open at work. Whilst Paul nips to the loo, a cunning Todd swaps the delivery boxes meant for the hospital.

When Sarah tears a strip off Paul for sending out the wrong order to the hospital, Paul tells her to stick her job and storms off.

Todd talks to Sarah about giving Paul his job back (Credit: ITV)

Later, Sarah offers Paul his job back. But Paul is pleasantly surprised when Sarah reveals that he’s got Todd to thank for sticking up for him. Soon, Paul thanks Todd for his help.

When Paul reveals that Billy is working late, Todd invites himself and Sean round for a chippy tea.

Billy’s unamused to find Paul prancing about in his religious robes (Credit: ITV)

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Back at Paul’s flat, Todd plies him with alcohol and cajoles him into trying on Billy’s religious robes. But when Billy returns home, he’s unamused to find Paul prancing about in his robes.

Summer returns

The next day in more Coronation Street spoilers, Summer arrives back from her stay with Geraldine. But when she sees Todd, she’s shocked and angry.

Summer is back (Credit: ITV)

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Later in the factory, Todd starts to poke fun at Sean’s new business venture. Sean warns Todd that he’s got the measure of him and it’s time he stopped trying to drive a wedge between Billy and Paul.

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