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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Summer and Aadi split as she ruins her own future?

Summer and Aadi recently started dating

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Aadi fears he’s blown it with Summer after he makes a discovery about her.

Recently Summer Spellman and Aadi Alahan began dating. However she’s been stressed out trying to get into Oxford university.

Coronation Street spoilers: Aadi makes a discovery

In next week’s scenes Summer takes her worried about Oxford out on Aadi.

Later Daniel is annoyed when Summer tells him that she’s now using her mentor’s personal statement for guidance rather than his.

Aadi and Summer are dating (Credit: ITV)

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When Summer leaves her bag at No.7, Aadi is shocked to discover she’s copied her mentor’s personal statement word for word onto her own.

Has she ruined her future by copying another person’s personal statement?

Summer and Aadi split?

Later Aadi confronts Summer over her plagiarism and she’s embarrassed that she’s been caught out.

Soon Summer flees leaving Aadi worried that he’s blown it with her. Are they over?

Summer makes a confession to Daniel (Credit: ITV)

Summer admits to Daniel that she copied her mentor’s statement. Daniel insists the first one was great and Oxford would be lucky to have her.

With class over, Daniel offers Max some extra help with his course work, but Max throws the offer back in his face, declaring Shakespeare a waste of time.

Summer becomes Max’s mentor

When Daniel mentions his concerns about Max, Summer offers to mentor him and Daniel thinks it’s a great idea.

At No.8, Summer does her best to teach Max about atomic structure.

When Summer uses a football pitch analogy, Max suddenly takes an interest and David listens in, encouraged.

Max listens to Summer (Credit: ITV)

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Later Billy persuades Summer to sign up for a litter picking event that evening.

In a bid to try and spend more time with Summer, Aadi reluctantly agrees to do it.

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