Coronation Street SPOILERS: Steve and Leanne grow closer as Oliver gets his diagnosis

Steve and Leanne are Oliver's parents

In next week’s Coronation Street, Steve and Leanne begin to grow closer as their son Oliver receives his devastating diagnosis.

Over the last few weeks, Oliver has been having seizures and it’s become clear to viewers that the toddler is unwell.

Next week, his parents are given some devastating news at the hospital.

Oliver is sedated and taken for a brain scan. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Steve and Leanne that the next step is for them to run some genetic blood tests.

Oliver has been having seizures (Credit: ITV)

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As the two families lean on each other for support, the doctor breaks the news that Oliver’s condition may be more serious than they thought.

He explains the little boy may have mitochondrial disease, leaving Leanne and Steve devastated.

Oliver is taken for a brain scan but Steve struggles to keep calm (Credit: ITV)

Steve tries to keep upbeat

Steve and Leanne keep a vigil at Oliver’s bedside. After searching mitochondrial disease online, Steve is upbeat as he explains there are different strains and many people with the disease lead full and normal lives.

But Steve’s mood soon changes when the doctor explains they need to run more tests. Steve ends up losing his rag and demands to know if his son is going to live or die.

Steve and Leanne are devastated to learn it could be mitochondrial disease (Credit: ITV)

Later, having calmed down a bit, Steve and Leanne jokily reminisce over Oliver’s childhood. Are the two starting to get close?

But Leanne’s boyfriend Nick takes a more serious approach to what’s happening.

Leanne confides in Toyah

Steve and Leanne reminisce over their son’s childhood (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Leanne confides in her sister that she doesn’t know which is worse: not knowing what’s wrong with Oliver or finding out it’s something terrible.

Leanne apologises to Nick and the couple soon make up and together they’re united in their concern for Oliver.

Will Oliver be okay?

Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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