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Monday 13th July 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sinead is laid to rest

Her family and friends say their goodbyes

There's not a dry eye on Coronation Street next week as Sinead Tinker's funeral finally arrives... but there's yet more devastation waiting around the corner for her grieving widow Daniel Osbourne.

Ever since Sinead's untimely demise after she lost her battle with cancer, her friends and family have been planning a farewell that she would have wanted.

Daniel makes it home just in time for Sinead's funeral (Credit: ITV)

But Sinead's husband Daniel has been struggling since losing her last month, and after he fled Weatherfield shortly after her death, it seemed unlikely that he would make it back for her funeral.

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But thankfully Daniel has a change of heart, and and when the day of the funeral finally arrives, he manages to make it back to Coronation Street just in the nick of time.

it's a sad day in Coronation Street as Sinead's funeral arrives (Credit: ITV)

At the church Daniel makes a moving speech about his late wife, and the service is just as Sinead would have liked.

But while her loved ones are at the wake in the Rovers, little do they know there is drama unfolding at Daniel's flat.

While at the wake, Daniel tells Peter that he wants to head home alone and watch the videos that Sinead made for him and Bertie before she died.

But he's in for a shock, because while he was saying his final goodbyes to the love of his life, someone has broken into his flat and rifled through all this belongings... including the laptop with Sinead's messages on it.

Daniel says a few words at his wife's funeral (Credit: ITV)

As Daniel lets himself into the flat, he is horrified to find it has been trashed, with Sinead's belongings everywhere.

He calls Peter to come and help, but Peter is adamant that Daniel shouldn't have to deal with the trauma and asks Carla to take him back to Ken's while he calls the police.

Peter is heartbroken for Daniel when he realises the thief took the laptop and breaks the news to Carla... but how is Daniel going to react when he finds out what is missing?

Daniel is understandably devastated when he finds out the messages from Sinead are gone, and decides to take matters into his own hands by trawling around pawn shops to try and track down his computer.

Daniel is arrested after smashing a glass cabinet (Credit: ITV)

When he thinks he has found it in a glass cabinet in a shop, he accuses the shop owner of handing stolen goods before grabbing a nearby golf club and smashing the glass cabinet.

As the police arrive to arrest Daniel, Craig begs the shop keeper to drop the charges, explaining that Daniel is in a bad place... but will it work?

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Daniel's downward spiral continues when he gets home to the flat to clear up and ends up breaking down in Beth's arms over the horror of the last few weeks.

Beth offers Daniel a shoulder to cry on (Credit: ITV)

But will he let his friends and family help him piece his life back together now Sinead's gone? Or is his breakdown set to continue?

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