Coronation Street SPOILERS: Simon killed as he returns to Weatherfield?

Simon comes back

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Simon returns to Weatherfield, but it’s not long before Harvey’s mob find him.

In next week’s scenes Sharon drags Sally and Gail for a drink but it’s soon clear that she’s really interested in tracking down and finding Leanne.

Realising Peter is Leanne’s ex, Sharon suggests they go for a coffee, but Peter claims he’s too tired.

Sharon asks Peter for a coffee (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Sharon trues to find Nick

Later Sharon calls at No.8 and steals Gail’s laptop. Refusing to take no for an answer, Gemma drags Sharon to the Rovers for cocktails.

Whilst Jenny and Gemma mix the cocktails, Sharon breaks into Gail’s laptop and finds Nick’s mobile number.

Sharon takes Gail’s laptop (Credit: ITV)

Jenny returns with the drinks and wonders why Sharon has a screensaver of Nick’s son Sam on her laptop. Sharon makes out she must’ve picked up Gail’s laptop by mistake and hurries out.

Sharon gives Gail her laptop back, but Shona is suspicious and tells Gail that Sharon is up to something.

Having overheard Sarah in the Kabin, Sharon offers to help her with Sam’s party.

Sharon gets closer to Sam

Sarah receives a text from Nick asking her to meet him at the Red Rec as a matter of urgency, so Sharon offers to pick up Sam from school.

Sharon returns to No.8 with Sam. When Sam calls Nick, Sharon listens in and Sam tells his dad how much he misses him.

Sharon gets closer to Sam to find Nick (Credit: ITV)

Sharon tells Sam if he needs someone to talk to, he can talk to her.

Meanwhile Carla calls at No.1 and takes off her coat to reveal she’s wearing sexy underwear. Steve later walks in on Peter and Carla having sex in the living room.

Later Sam confides in Sharon and when she suggests she could set up a secret meeting with his dad, Sam is thrilled.

Sarah confides in Adam that Nick didn’t show up. When Sarah returns home, she finds Sharon and Sam holding a birthday disco in the living room.

Sarah finds Sharon and Sam having a birthday disco (Credit: ITV)

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Peter and Carla hastily put their clothes on. Carla reveals that she’s taken the lease on the Street Cars flat for them.

Having taken a call from his transplant coordinator, a shocked Peter tells Carla and Steve that they’ve found a liver for him.

Simon returns to Weatherfield

A nervous Peter readies himself to leave for the transplant centre.

Sharon tells Sam that Simon’s dad has gone into hospital for a liver transplant and he should message Nick so he can let Simon know.

In their hideout, Nick admits that Sam has been in contact to let them know that Peter is having a liver transplant. Simon is listening from the door.

Simon finds out about Peter’s liver transplant (Credit: ITV)

Soon Leanne knocks on Simon’s bedroom door, but to her horror she discovers he’s gone.

Simon turns up at the hospital, shocking Peter and Carla.

He announces that he’s not going back to the hideout, meanwhile Leanne is worried that Harvey’s mob has got Simon.

Peter and Carla persuade Simon he needs to go, but as he heads out, Peter overhears the cleaner on his phone reporting Simon’s whereabouts.

Peter hears the cleaner reporting Simon’s whereabouts (Credit: ITV)

The cleaner punches Peter and Simon makes a run for it.

Simon manages to make it back to the hideout and admits to Leanne and Nick he was almost caught.

Meanwhile the transport coordinator explains to Peter and Carla that as a result of his head injury, they’re going to keep him in for a couple of nights.

Peter pulls out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and stares at the address on it.

Peter finds the address (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Sharon lies to Jenny and makes out she’s mentoring one of the prisoners.

Sharon takes a call and is furious to hear that Simon’s done a runner. Why is she so desperate to track him down?

Is Simon in danger of being killed now Harvey’s gang have found him?

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