Coronation Street Sarah grasses up Gary

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sarah grasses Gary up for murder

She wants revenge for him helping Ray

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Sarah will turn on Gary and grass him up for murder.

Sick of him trying to destroy half the street and their livelihood alongside Ray, she takes revenge by exposing thug Rick’s body.

Coronation Street Sarah and Gary
No love lost for Coronation Street exes Sarah and Gary (Credit: ITV)

The factory boss calls Crimestoppers to tell them about a body in the woods – and who put it there.

Meanwhile, oblivious Gary has seemingly had a change of heart and decides to help David Platt and Abi track down the bogus engineer who ‘investigated’ the sinkhole.

Later he hears on the radio that police are searching Beacon Woods for a corpse.

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Meanwhile, Bernie decides to inform the cops about the inscribed watch she found in the woods – and how desperate Gary was to get his hands on it.

Distraught Gary challenges Sarah about grassing him up but she denies it’s anything to do with her.

Will the builder be spending Christmas in the nick?

Coronation Street Gary kills Rick
Gary killed Rick in self-defence (Credit: ITV)

Why did Gary kill Rick?

Evil loanshark Rick dragged Gary to the woods to kill HIM. A ferocious fight to the death saw Gary come out on top, beating Rick with a rock.

Rather than involving the police, he decided to bury the body. He has been trying to keep it a secret for months, telling Rick’s wife he is abroad and using his own money to pay Rick’s daughter’s school fees.

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It cost him his relationship with Sarah, though, who could no longer be with him.

She almost reported him to police earlier this year but changed her mind after he saved her from an oncoming car.

In turn, she lost her marriage to new husband Adam who said he couldn’t be with her if she concealed the killing.

Why has Gary been working with Ray?

Coronation Street Gary and Ray
Why is Gary in cahoots with Ray? (Credit: ITV)

Ray wanted to buy Underworld but Gary refused to sell. He soon changed his tune when Ray offered him all the building work on the street after he has bulldozed it.

Gary was instrumental in encouraging David to sell up following the sinkhole disaster – which has led to ex Sarah’s fury towards him.

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