Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sarah catches Adam ‘cheating’

Sarah catches Adam with Laura...

In upcoming Coronation Street, Sarah catches Adam getting a bit too close to Laura. Is this the end of their marriage already?

In next week’s episodes, Laura tells Adam how Gary has threatened her and has point blank refused to call Rick.

Adam shares his suspicions with Imran and tells him how he traced the cash that Rick has been sending his ex-wife back to Gary.

He wonders if Rick might not be alive anymore…

Adam confronts Gary (Credit: ITV)

Adam approaches Gary and accuses him of killing the loan shark. The dodgy businessman is dismissive but rattled.

But Gary makes things worse for himself later in the week.

He’s worried to discover that Brian has read about Roman coins found in Beacon Woods and is planning to take his metal detector to see what he can find.

Gary learns Brian plans to go out to the woods where Rick is buried (Credit: ITV)

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Desperate to get people to avoid digging in the woods, he tries to persuade the shopkeeper not to go. But when Brian spots Gary putting a shovel in his boot and heading out, he feels he’s been played.

He tells Bernie and together they follow Gary out to the woods. But what will they find?

Coronation Street: Sarah catches Adam and Laura

Sarah catches Adam flirting with Laura (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Sarah is furious to find Adam flirting with Laura in the solicitor’s office. She’s even angrier when Adam explains that Laura is Rick’s wife.

Will he be able to explain himself?

How will Laura react when she discovers Adam is married? (Credit: ITV)

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Adam and Gary

Over the last few weeks, Adam as become suspicious over Gary’s behaviour and his connection with Rick, who Gary killed last year.

He has been flirting with Laura in order to get information about her criminal ex-husband.

But now he believes Rick could be gone, is he finally starting to piece the puzzle together?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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