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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sarah and Adam reunite?

Sarah and Adam got married at the beginning of the year

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal Adam tries to get Sarah to give him another chance. But will she?

Earlier this year, Sarah and Adam’s relationship came to an end when she refused to turn her ex-boyfriend Gary into the police, for having missing Rick Neelan’s watch.

In next week’s scenes Peter assures Carla that their relationship is strong. Meanwhile Adam implores Sarah to give him another chance.

Adam asks Sarah for another chance (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Sarah asks Adam if he fancies a drink and they meet in the Bistro. But can they work things out?

The next day, Peter calls in at the factory to drop off some lunch for Carla. But when Sarah reveals that she’s gone out, Peter is left suspicious.

When Carla returns, Peter starts quizzing her wondering where she went to.

Coronation Street: What happens with Sarah and Adam this week?

Last week, Sarah and Adam ended up having a huge argument outside of the factory after she discovered he asked out her employee Alina.

This week, Carla hopes Peter will join her in a hotel she’s booked for a conference. But Peter declines.

Can Sarah and Adam work things out (Credit: ITV)

Carla decides to try and get Sarah and Adam together by inviting them both to lunch and hints if it goes well, she has a spare hotel room for the night.

Could this be the start of them fixing their relationship?

Later, Carla finds out that Peter had a drink after his taxi was stolen and begs him to get help.

Johnny and Jenny find Peter barely conscious (Credit: ITV)

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But soon Jenny and Johnny find Peter barely conscious. As Sarah heads over the factory, she’s concerned to see the pub landlord and landlady taking a drunk Peter to hospital.

When Sarah gets to the factory, she tells Carla what she saw.

Later, when Peter wakes up, he finds Carla at his bedside. Peter tells her he loves her with all his heart and doesn’t deserve her.

Will Peter get the help he needs?

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