Coronation Street Tina O'Brien teases Sarah and Adam Barlow storyline

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sarah and Adam get back together?

Sarah and Adam recently split up

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Sarah is determined to get back together with Adam. But what will he say?

A few weeks ago, Sarah and Adam split up after Sarah found out Gary killed Rick and refused to go to the police.

In next week’s scenes, Sarah calls into Adam’s office with his mail which includes a brochure for a holiday they were considering buying.

However, the sense of regret between them is palpable.

Sarah goes to see Adam in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Later, Sarah goes back to Adam’s office hoping to discuss reconciliation. But how will he react?

Meanwhile, Peter and Carla are struggling to communicate. However, Carla feels the need to try and help Adam and Sarah with their problems.

Will Sarah and Adam get back together? (Credit: ITV)

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Talking to them both separately, she realises they still love each other and tells Sarah.

Coronation Street: Adam and Sarah get back together?

After speaking to Carla, Sarah decides to go back to the solicitor’s office and speak to Adam about getting back together.

Will Adam agree?

Gary panics seeing Sarah and Maria together (Credit: ITV)

Later, Gary is horrified to find Maria and Sarah together as part of an impromptu girls’ night organised by Shona.

However, Sarah assures her ex-boyfriend that she won’t say anything about Rick.

Nick meets his son

Meanwhile, Sarah lets slip to David that Oliver’s illness isn’t the only thing stressing Nick out.

David presses her to reveal that Nick’s just found out he’s a father.

Nick insists to David he doesn’t need the added complication in his life but David urges him to consider what his son needs.

Later, after reading a letter from his son, Nick makes the decision to meet Sam.

Nick decides to meet his son (Credit: ITV)

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At Nick’s flat, Sam tells him about his passion for astronomy.

But at the hospital, the consultant tells Steve and Leanne that after discussions with the clinic in Germany they’ve reached the decision that Oliver’s condition is too severe for treatment.

Leanne is furious but as she tells Nick the doctors have completely abandoned Oliver, Nick secretly reads a text from his son.

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