Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sam is kidnapped by Harvey’s gang

Sharon comes up with a plan

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Sam is kidnapped by one of Harvey’s men. Will he be okay?

In next week’s scenes Natasha drops Sam off with Gail for the day.

After cleaning Natasha’s house whilst Audrey babysits for Sam, Gail is shocked to discover he has made an electricity conductor board using Natasha’s silver bracelet.

Worried he may hurt himself, Gail takes it off them.

When Natasha returns to collect Sam, she is baffled to see her bracelet in Gail’s purse.

Coronation Street spoilers Monday 17 May
Natasha wonders why her bracelet is in Gail’s bag (Credit: ITV)

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When Natasha accuses Gail of stealing her bracelet, an upset Sam admits he took it, not Gail.

Soon David accepts Natasha’s offer to lend them the money to fix the sink hole. Natasha suggests to Gail that she should set up a proper cleaning business.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sharon has a plan to find Simon

Meanwhile Sharon tells Harvey how she plans to find out Simon’s gamertag and trace him online.

Sharon calls Harvey and tells him her plan (Credit: ITV)

Having formed a plan, Sharon invites Dev to have a bottle of wine with her.

Later Sharon thanks Dev for a lovely evening but makes out that she’s lost an earring and it’s most likely at his house.

Sharon can’t believe her luck when Dev hands her his keys.

But Sean reckons Dev has misread the signals and Sharon has the hots for him.

Meanwhile Sharon lets herself into No.7. She gets onto Aadi’s console and messages Simon.

Sharon asks Dev for a drink (Credit: ITV)

When Dev returns, Sharon worries Aadi might see her message to Simon. She convinces Dev to ban Aadi from his console for a week as his choice of games are far too violent.

Later Dev is thrilled when Sharon agrees to go round to No.7 for another drink.

After sending Dev to the shop to get some vodka, she logs onto Aadi’s console and sends a message to Simon asking where he is.

Will Simon respond?

Sam is kidnapped

When Natasha discovers that Sam has been in contact with Nick, she confiscates his phone.

Meanwhile Sharon clocks that Sam and Natasha are due to go to Gail’s for dinner and lets Harvey know.

She takes a sneaky photo of Sam and sends it to Harvey’s sidekick.

Sam is lured into a van (Credit: ITV)

As Sam approaches No.8, he’s lured into a van. Soon the door slams and the van drives off with Sam inside.

Sharon watches from Rita’s flat, aware that she’s done a terrible thing.

Worried, Natasha approaches No.8 and explains to Sarah and Shona that Sam has gone missing and she can’t call him because she took his phone off him.

Sharon plays the concerned friend (Credit: ITV)

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Natasha calls the police to report Sam missing whilst Sharon plays the concerned friend.

Meanwhile at the hideout, Nick and Leanne are told the news that Sam has gone missing.

Will they find him?

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