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Sunday 9th August 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Roy finds his long-lost brother

Will his sibling be pleased to see him?

Next week's Coronation Street sees Roy Cropper's Scrabble addiction explained when he reveals his online opponent is his long-lost brother.

Coronation Street fans have seen Roy recently take a shine to playing Scrabble online, leaving his friends worried that he is becoming addicted to the game.

Roy is upset when his friends try to help him with his Scrabble 'addiction' (Credit: ITV)

But instead of becoming a gambling addict, it turns out there is a totally different reason for Roy's new passion for playing online board games.

Next week Roy admits to best friend Carla Connor that the reason he is so keen on Scrabble is because he is convinced that his opponent online is his brother.

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Roy confesses that he has been doing some research and has discovered that his mum had a son, Richard, after her secret affair that Roy uncovered earlier this year following her death.

With Richard being a result of her forbidden love, Roy has worked out that his mum, Sylvia Goodwin, put his brother up for adoption and he is convinced he has managed to track him down after all this time.

Roy found out huge secrets about his mother's past shortly after she died (Credit: ITV)

However, there is just one problem... Richard has disappeared from the internet while he and Roy were half way through a game of Scrabble, and now Roy is worried something bad has happened to him.

Roy tells Carla that he has an address for Richard and Carla insists that they should track him down. But when they get to the front door, Roy is shocked when a young woman answers.

Roy explains that he is looking for someone called Richard, leaving out the bit that he believes he would be his long-lost brother. But Nina tells him that she doesn't know anyone called Richard and shuts the door.

Nina isn't happy to see Carla and Roy at her front door (Credit: ITV)

But when she gets back inside the house, Nina tells her dad, Richard, that it was just someone collecting for charity at the door and they carry on with their game of Scrabble.

However, Roy and Carla are convinced that Nina was hiding something, so they later go back to the address and knock again.

This time they are let in by a care worker who reveals Richard is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis... but before Roy can reveal why he is really there Nina comes home and isn't impressed to see Roy and Carla are back.

Carla encourages Roy to go back and see Richard again, this time telling him who he really is (Credit: ITV)

While the first time he meets Richard, Roy just tells his brother he is his online Scrabble partner, he is adamant that the's going to tell the truth and eventually goes back for a third time... and this time he admits they are half brothers.

Nina isn't happy about Roy's sudden appearance, and even when Carla tells her that she would be lucky to have Roy in her life, she is still prickly towards the pair.

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But while Nina might not be happy to see her long-lost family member... will Richard be a different story?

Roy tells Richard who he really is... but will his brother be happy to see him? (Credit: ITV)

Is Roy about to build a new relationship with his sibling after all these years?

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