Coronation Street SPOILERS: Romance for Adam and Alina?

Adam and Sarah recently split up

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Adam asks Alina out. What will she say?

A few months ago Adam and Sarah split up when Sarah refused to report her ex-boyfriend Gary to the police, suspecting he killed Rick Neelan.

Adam attempts to flirt with Alina (Credit: ITV)

Although Sarah has made attempts to fix their relationship, Adam ended up sleeping with another woman.

But how will Sarah feel about him asking out her work colleague?

Coronation Street: Adam flirts with Alina

In upcoming scenes, Adam attempts to flirt with Alina in the café but she gives him the short shrift.

Later Sarah, kirk, Todd, Alina and Paul meet in Speed Daal for a team-building evening. Kirk produces a quiz that he’s written and instructs the factory gang to get into teams.

Sarah is not impressed when she sees Adam trying to chat up Alina (Credit ITV)

But Sarah is not impressed when she sees Adam trying to chat up Alina. Meanwhile Paul knocks back the wine, his dislike for Todd growing by the second.

The team-building evening comes to an end and Adam wonders if Alina would like to go out sometime.

Sarah snaps at Adam

Later Peter and Carla arrive back from their sailing holiday and quiz Johnny about Scott and the robbery at the Bistro.

Meanwhile the factory lot gossip over Adam’s designs on Alina. Sarah soon catches Adam chatting up Alina outside of the factory and launches a tirade of abuse at him.

Sarah launches a tirade of abuse at Adam (Credit: ITV)

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As Carla approaches the factory with a new client, they find Sarah screeching at her husband.

Later Carla warns Alina to steer clear of Adam as he’s just using her to get to Sarah. But soon Adam suggests to Alina that they get dinner. Will she accept his offer?

Adam suggests to Alina that they get dinner (Credit: ITV)

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Do you think Adam and Sarah should get back together?

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