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Thursday 4th June 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Robert murders Vicky?

Is this the end for pregnant Vicky?

Robert Preston goes to great lengths to make sure Vicky Jefferies doesn't ruin his wedding to Michelle Connor in next week's Coronation Street. But is he really capable of cold-blooded murder?

With Michelle still apparently happy to get married, Robert is a man who can't believe his luck as their big day arrives next week.

Michelle tries to convince her family and friends that Robert is helping Vicky's son, Tyler (Credit: ITV)

However, little does the Bistro chef know, Michelle is planning to use what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives to expose his cheating and make sure everyone knows what sort of man he really is.

With oblivious Robert desperate to make sure their wedding day goes without a hitch, he is mortified when pregnant Vicky walks in to their pre-wedding dinner with their friends and family and starts to make a scene.

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As Robert desperately tries to get rid of Vicky, Michelle explains her arrival to everyone by lying that Robert has been helping Tyler out with something...

However, Vicky's appearance proves to be very helpful for Michelle's plan to take the Bistro from Robert.

Robert tries to get rid of Vicky, but is he about to take his plan too far? (Credit: ITV)

As a vengeful Vicky tells Robert that she is going to take him to the cleaners, Michelle uses the moment to suggest that he signs the Bistro over to her, just to make sure that Vicky can't stake her claim.

But of course what Robert doesn't realise is that Michelle has got a grand plan of her own to get her hands on the restaurant, and he is happily falling victim to her scam.

Michelle convinces Robert to sign the Bistro over to her to save it from Vicky (Credit: ITV)

Despite being sceptical about the whole thing, Robert eventually signs the papers making Michelle the sole owner of the Bistro.

He then goes to see Vicky under Michelle's orders to ban her from coming to the wedding ceremony the following day.

But as an argument breaks out between the pair, something suspicious seems to happen when one of the neighbours hears arguing, followed by an almighty crash and then silence.

Later when he gets home, Robert assures Michelle that there is no way that Vicky will be coming to the wedding... but what has he done to the mother of his child that can make him be so sure?

Michelle and Robert's big day arrives... and Robert has no idea the revenge Michelle is plotting (Credit: ITV)

As the day of the wedding arrives, Michelle is excited... but not because she is about to marry the man of her dreams, but because she is about to expose Robert's cheating ways.

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But when Robert lays his heart on the line as he reads his vows, can Michelle really go through with her plan? Or will she have a change of heart?

Robert days his heart-felt vows, but will it make Michelle think twice about exposing his cheating ways? (Credit: ITV)

As the service is going on, Tyler suddenly storms into the church and demands to know where his mum is, and with rumours starting to spread that Robert has murdered Vicky, the signs are all pointing at it being true.

Michelle remembers Robert's words about Vicky definitely not coming to the wedding, and she starts to also wonder if her groom is a killer... but is she right?

Tyler arrives and demands to know where Vicky is. Has Robert killed her? (Credit: ITV)

Later the police question Robert about Vicky's mysterious disappearance and it seems that he could be hiding something. Does he really have it in him to kill his own unborn child?

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