Coronation Street SPOILERS: Residents come up with a plan to stop Ray

Ray has been plotting to build on top of the cobbles

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal residents come up with a plan to stop Ray destroying the cobbles. But will it work?

In next week’s scenes, Ray uses Faye to his advantage. When she arrives for work at one of his hotels, she reveals Sally has changed her mind about selling the house.

Ray is quietly fuming but soon comes up with a plan. He tells Faye that he can sort Sally out with a house in Hale Barns at a significant discount.

Faye shows Sally and Tim the property details for the house in Hale Barns. Sally’s bowled over and tells Tim they’re definitely moving.

Abi suspects Ray is trying to buy up the whole street (Credit: ITV)

Having sold the house to Roxy, Sally waves her off. But Abi recognises Roxy and confides in Debbie that she suspects Ray is trying to buy up the whole street.

Coronation Street: Craig tells Abi about Ray’s plans

Later Ray drives Faye back to the street. Abi confides in Craig that she doesn’t trust Ray. Craig confesses to her he found some incriminating paperwork on Rays desk.

Craig tells Abi he found some incriminating paperwork on Rays desk (Credit: ITV)

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Abi sneaks into Ray’s office and pockets an interesting looking invoice. At No.13, Abi shows Kevin and Sally the invoice.

Having called a colleague on the council, Sally confirms that a planning application has been submitted to knock down half the street.

Sally calls a colleague on the council (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Debbie warns Ray that Abi is on to them, but she’s damned if she’s going to ruin their plans.

Sally and Abi realise that not only is Ray planning to knock down half the street, he also owns half the development in Hale Barns.

Coronation Street: Residents gatecrash Ray’s press launch

Abi rallies the neighbours and at a meeting in Victoria Gardens, they decide to gatecrash Ray’s press launch. What will they do?

Coronation Street residents decide to gatecrash Ray’s press launch (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Craig confesses to Faye that he knew about Ray’s plans but was sworn to secrecy or Ray would’ve sacked her.

Unable to look Craig in the eye, Faye tells them it’s best if they call it quits. Hearing this, Craig is devastated.

Sally, Dev, Brian and Roy discuss Ray’s latest offer. Sally’s adamant that they mustn’t give in to a criminal intent on destroying their community.

Sally, Dev, Brian and Roy discuss Ray’s latest offer (Credit: ITV)

Abi, Adam, David and Sarah realise that without their factory, Ray’s plans are scuppered and wonder if he’s approached Gary. They set off to find out.

When Abi reveals that she’s off to a meeting to discuss how they can stop Ray in his tracks, Kevin’s proud of her. But Debbie tries to hide her irritation.

Meanwhile Faye suggests to Ray that he’s been using her.

Roy has an idea

Kevin’s proud of Abi for trying to stop Ray. But Debbie tries to hide her irritation (Credit: ITV)

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Abi, Brian, David, Nina and Roy meet in Speed Daal to discuss Ray’s plans. Roy suggests that they get the brewery listed as a building of historical interest, thereby preventing it from being demolished.

Abi tells Kevin about their plan to have the brewery listed as a historical building. Debbie warns Ray that Abi’s got a plan, but she intends to stop it.

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